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  1. J

    Yield per acre of silage/hay

    Just doubting myself and the figures I'm using and am currently trying to make sure I've got enough land for next year. Figures I was using: 2.1t dm per acre first cut (mid may) 1t dm per acre second cut (end of June/early july) 0.5t dm per acre third cut (mid august) 0.5tdm per acre fourth...
  2. J

    Lupin triticale mix

    anyone growing it? Is it as good as this advert makes out? Yield and protein really that high?
  3. J

    How long will wholecrop last?

    Will wholecrop last 2 years in a silage clamp? Ideally want to feed half 1 year and the other the next year (both times in february/march). Would mean it would fit perfectly in the rotation
  4. J

    My furry little friends...

    Is this the work of the black and white devil looking for worms?
  5. J

    Wholecrop bales

    Just for when the thread is posted for next year asking if they're doable, yes is the answer! No holes in mine except when I reversed into a bale with the telehandler 🤦‍♂️
  6. J

    Ewe rolls or rolled barley?

    I've got the opportunity to have rolled barley at £170/t + delivery (we could collect though for very little expense). I can get an analysis done too to work out energy from it. We lamb from late january until the end of february so need to be thinking about ordering either the barley or some...
  7. J

    Forage rape/stubble turnips

    First time we've grown the above, turned the cows in today and they dont quite know what to do with it? Is this normal - they'll have never seen it before? How long until they work out what to do with it, they did go into the field quite full from grass as I didn't want them to bloat on the...
  8. J

    Power and machinery costs

    Hi all, just wondering for those who cashflow and yearly budget what you allow for this? Mine is currently forecast to be running at 6.4ppl and am just wondering if that's overkill? That includes doing all my own silage and most cultivations, the exceptions being, spraying, direct drilling...
  9. J

    Cost to rear a heifer

    I reckon a lot of farmers under estimate the cost of rearing a heifer but I think this could be a slight exaggeration! What's everyone elses thoughts?
  10. J

    Overseeding: fertiliser or no?

    Hi all, I've got 26 acres of silage ground to be over seeded. It will be going in hybrid ryegrass and red clover (80% grass and 20% clover - it's all here so apologies to the grass salesmen on here!) hopefully the contractor will be here in the next couple of days to direct drill it. I've gone...
  11. J

    Crop rotations

    Hi all looking at growing maize next year for various reasons and am trying to put together a field plan/crop rotation. In future years will be needing 400t of maize and 220t of wholecrop of some sort. I was assuming 15t/acre for maize which I think is more than doable. I would like to go for...
  12. J

    Lamb with a broken leg

    Hi all, Just lambed a bought in lleyn ewe with twins and it was a very tight difficult lambing, unfortunately the first was dead and the second one is living but I had to push its legs back and pull the head through first to get him out. When I then pulled the legs through one of them must have...
  13. J

    Decent sheep shearer

    looking for a decent sheep shearer mainly for dagging prior to lambing and tupping, occasionally the odd fleece possibly too. Not wanting to spend a stupid amount of money on it but don’t mind paying enough to get something decent! What’s best? We have a lister cattle clippers which I get along...
  14. J

    The lambing project...

    Had our first ever lamb to be born on the farm last night! Safely delivered and all was well stayed with her for 3/4 an hour checked for more lambs all seemed well! Unfortunately I arrived at 5 today and discovered the arrival of another dead lamb :( nevermind atleast I have a happy healthy ewe lamb
  15. J

    Help/ advice an ill sheep

    Bit of a weird one, before I start this is my first ever lambing, we bought 52 pet lambs last spring and reared them all sold the Wethers, kept the ewe lambs and bought 44 more ewes to put in lamb to end up with 60. They could be due from tomorrow but we couldn't get anytime to scan them. This...
  16. J

    Help/suggestions please, tb issues

    Just before I start, my cows are my life and are the reason I get up every day, I cannot live without them and know them as if they were my children so please no suggestions of just getting rid of them. That being said we have gone down with tb today and lost 9 out of our 160 suckler herd. 1 18...
  17. J

    Ear Tag marker pen

    Hi all, I'm after a marker pen that wont rub off to use on cattle ear tags, any ideas?
  18. J

    Outwintering cattle?

    We are thinking of out wintering a load of cattle this year due to expansion and lack of shed room. We were planning on putting up a shed but would rather this was left for another year due to a variety of reasons. We have a field just under 10 acres that needs reseeding anyway as yield is poor...
  19. J

    Abreast parlour price

    Just wondering how much people think they are worth? Theres one coming up for auction fairly local to me at the end of of the month but not sure how much they are worth? It's a 6 abreast parlour. Looking to milk my own cows in the future (within the next 5 years but ideally asap) not bothered by...

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