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  1. Poorbuthappy

    Hisun electric utv

    Anybody tried one? I'm guessing its a Chinese offering? Looks very competitively priced, but whether its up to farm work? I see a couple SW dealers selling them. Any other utv/ quad electric options coming ? Isn't there a polaris Ranger in electric- is that available here?
  2. Poorbuthappy

    WANTED: Traditional breed weaners

    Preferably within 1 hour of Ex16. GOS, Large Black, Saddleback or similar young weaners wanted. (Or crosses) 5-10 wanted. Thanks
  3. Poorbuthappy

    In lamb ewes for sale

    Highlander and Highlander x ewes for sale. Scanned in lamb. Due from April 1st. Flock ages. Up to 100 available. £100 for singles. £120 for doubles. In lamb to good charolais and Beltex x Berrichon rams (can be seen). Outdoor lambing flock. Flock reduction due to losing some grass keep.
  4. Poorbuthappy


    Am I the only 1 who gets fed up with this website? There password requirements are tighter than my banks! And then, every now and again I try to log in and it tells me my password / username is not valid. Username is fine so I type in password again. No good. Maybe I've remembered it wrong so I...
  5. Poorbuthappy

    Advertising working dogs/ puppies

    I see in the MVF newsletter they say they will be unable to advertise pets/ working dogs/ puppies due to a change in the law. I presume this is something to try and clamp down on "puppy farms" but anyone know any sense? @Clive will this affect advertising them on here do you know? How are we...
  6. Poorbuthappy

    Pigs and spuds

    Have acquired a ton of waste spuds and have been feeding them to the pigs. A friend has told us that's a no no for pigs. A quick Google suggests there's toxins under the skin that are harmful in large quantities, but some say not a problem unless silly amounts. There's no green ones. Anyone...
  7. Poorbuthappy

    Zolvix gun spares

    Anyone managed to source spares for these guns? Will ask in local suppliers but wondered if anyone found an online source? Particularly looking for the silly bit of plastic that holds the end of the plunger in the handle.
  8. Poorbuthappy

    Weed id

    I know I should know, but.... Common enough. And is it poisonous to pigs?
  9. Poorbuthappy

    Amazing chap

    Not sure if this has been posted before but daughter showed me this today .
  10. Poorbuthappy

    Stabiliser bulling heifers

    6 stabiliser bulling heifers. F3 and F4. April/May born. Advertised and to be sold through the breed society, who also set asking prices, but reasonable offers considered.
  11. Poorbuthappy

    Stabiliser x heifers

    6 stabiliser x heifers. Tested and ready to go. Make good cows. 10 -11 months old. Around 400kgs
  12. Poorbuthappy

    I want one!

  13. Poorbuthappy

    Transport of pigs

    I have it in my mind that pigs cannot be transported in the same trailer as other species. Is this correct? I wanted to take a pig and some lambs to the abbattoir for self supply. The only regulations I can find say that pigs must be handled and transported separate from other species. Does this...
  14. Poorbuthappy

    Edible bale wrap coming

    Article in FW about 3 students developing edible bale wrap. Really hope this takes off in an economically viable format. May have implications about timescale of keeping bales perhaps.
  15. Poorbuthappy

    Concrete - rattle stick

    Anyone used one? Are they even available over here? Looks a handy bit of kit.
  16. Poorbuthappy

    Data protection laws

    So with the raft of emails from firms that really want to be able to keep informing me of their wares, is anyone doing anything about details held at farm level? Are we technically supposed to get consent from people we supply or even suppliers to hold their details? I know most farmers operate...
  17. Poorbuthappy

    Isuzu getting in on the act Isuzu gonna save us a fortune:rolleyes:
  18. Poorbuthappy

    Opportunities / options for school leavers

    Ok, so 2nd daughter wants to go farming, currently doing A levels but undecided if she wants to go ag college. Going to organise some open day trips to ag colleges (any suggestions as to which to look at for livestock orientated courses?) But what other options or opportunities are out there...
  19. Poorbuthappy

    Sandyford stoves

    Anyone got one or experience of them? Father in law interested - fair bit cheaper than a rayburn he says.
  20. Poorbuthappy

    Predictive text issues on galaxy s7

    Galaxy s7 causing minor irritation when using apostrophes. Typing didn't or hasn' or you're often results in the final letter (or letter after the apostrophe) being dropped when space bar is tapped (as above). Often if I go back and correct it the first letter of the next word is dropped. Been...

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