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  1. MX7

    Black and Tan border terrier pups.

    Due to having our 17yr old Black and Tan Border Terrier put to sleep we will be looking for a Border Terrier Black and Tan replacement. If any TFF member has a Black and Tan Border terrier bitch that will be having pups in the not to distant future please PM me with pics of the mother and father.
  2. MX7

    Do you watch the BBC News on the TV?

    I may appear ignorant but I have got so fed up with the BBC News presenters( on a self-centred ego trip to justify their salaries beyond our wildest dreams!!!!)making a meal out of news events that I no longer watch the BBC News. Just wondering if any other TFF members have now given up...
  3. MX7

    Best fluid / way to stop padlocks freezing?

    As above, locks are on field gates , thanks.
  4. MX7

    Covid19,Ivermectin and TFF members

    Serious question, have any of you that been unfortunate to have/ had Covid 19 taken a small dose of Ivermectin to fight off the virus? I know the subject of Ivermectin having an effect on Covid19 has been discussed on TFF at great length before, but I see Ivermectin as a partial cure for Covid19...
  5. MX7

    Are any TFF members neighbours of Sarah Beenys house?

    As above what are they like as neighbours? Do they support the local community?
  6. MX7

    Question for any TFF car geeks?

    Are artificial/computer generated exhaust sounds available on most ALL electric cars? I ask as today I delivered a load of logs to a guy that had a new 70plate electric Porsche, I was surprised that when his boyfriend moved the car it made an exhaust noise !!! I asked whats that noise as the...
  7. MX7

    Fun farmer Instagram

    I stumbled a across this is fun Instagram when I was looking for farming saucy calendars on Google this snowy bank holiday. “The.naked.farmer instagram” As it’s Australian I wondered if @Farmer Roy was featured on it :ROFLMAO:;) A bit early but may you all have a safe, and more profitable 2021...
  8. MX7

    Up to10,000 lorries travel between Calais and Dover per day??

    I have seen the above figure quoted in the media,in its reporting on the chaos at Dover during recent days. I find it hard to believe that 10,000 lorries pass through Dover ferry terminal on a regular basis during a 24hr period.In my quick calculation there would need to be 208 lorries departing...
  9. MX7

    Jeremy Clarkson "Farming 20-12-2020 " Sunday Times Magazine

    Hope you can read it if you enlarge attached file . Seasons Greetings to you all.
  10. MX7

    What causes some children, early teens, and teenagers to not eat, a very sad serious situation?

    I ask as my wife’s niece is not eating?????
  11. MX7

    Is Covid19 virus now in the air across Britain?

    As above. I have just Googled “Is Covid19 transmitted in the air”, and to my astonishment, I get the impression that scientists are still not sure if Covid19 can be spread by the wind or not.!!!!:banghead::rolleyes:
  12. MX7

    Are business people exempt from Covid19 isolation period , if travelling to say Germany for the day?

    I ask the above as a local executive jet seems to travel to different. European countries just for the day on a regular basis.
  13. MX7

    How does one transfer a website from Google , and post on appropriate Thread?

    As above, I admit I am not that computer literate :scratchhead::rolleyes: Many Thanks
  14. MX7

    Massey Ferguson 6290 socket/ spanner size question?

    I need to undo the transmission filter out casing( the large filter on the left hand side of the transmission housing, if sat in the tractor), do any of you the size of the socket spanner I will need. As per usual looks to be a delightful job:rolleyes:;) Thanks for any help.
  15. MX7

    Have you installed a woodburner in a conservatory with a glass roof?

    As above, if so how does one go about it ? Many Thanks.
  16. MX7

    Why are UK society so paranoid when “Snow” is forecast/mentioned in the media?

    As above, for goodness sake the UK does have a winter and most years will have some snow, varying in amounts. So I say again why does most of society seem to go paranoid about snow??:scratchhead::scratchhead:
  17. MX7

    In store grain, monitoring/prevention for bugs especially during damp winter.

    How often do you monitor/check your in store grain etc during the winter to make sure the grain is not being infested with mites( using mite traps to see if there are any) bugs,rats and mice etc. I ask as it is so easy to overlook the management of crops in store,leading to thousands of pounds...
  18. MX7

    Tractor oils.

    How does one cross reference tractor manufacturers own oil spec back to open market equivalent? I have an old( new to me) Ford 3910H tractor , the oil in the back axle/ transmission/ hydraulics is very low, operators manual says oil is Ford M2c-86-b oil or M2c-159-a/b or M2c-134-B/C, a non Ford...
  19. MX7

    Explosion kills 4 at Wessex Water processing plant Bristol.

    Just read about the terrible accident which happened today.
  20. MX7

    Morbid question?

    If I were to die in a car accident, and Covid19 was found in my body, would it say on my death certificate that I died of Covid19 !!!!!!!! :scratchhead: :rolleyes::banghead:

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