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  1. Manny

    Roller mill

    Wanted a three phase roller mill in good working order.
  2. Manny

    Ez pilot in New holland combine

    Does anyone have any pictures of the brackets needed or a platform kit for a new holland cx or cr combine. I may look at fitting it to the combine and after making my own brackets for a tractor in less than 15 mins I thought I would give it a go but a pattern is always helpful. Thanks.
  3. Manny

    Pair of 600/65r38 tyres.

    Hi I'm looking for a pair 600/65r38 tyres. There going on a tractor that does very low hours a year so 20mm of tread would be fine for what it does but cases must be good. Thanks.
  4. Manny

    What model is this sprayer?

    Hi I've seen this sprayer and all I know is it's a tecknoma. Can anyone tell me anything about it? Model, hp, any good as a cheep light weigh machine?
  5. Manny

    WiFi in farmyard.

    Not sure if this belongs here but there seem to be plenty of tech savvy people in here that may help. What it the best way to extend the WiFi from my house 200m into the farm buildings to run cameras and be able to use my mobile phone as 4g is very poor here. I've heard of point to point...
  6. Manny

    Winter triticale.

    Does anyone on here grow winter triticale and if so what sort of seed rates do you plant at please? I've been asked to plant some for a friend but they only have enough seed at the moment for 125kg/ha or 1cwt/ac old money which sounds quite low to me.
  7. Manny

    New Holland CX860 replacement.

    I'm thinking of changing my trusty cx860 (2002) and just wondering what to change it for. NH model numbers keep changing and I'm slowly losing track of what would be similar size and out put. Slightly narrower on the road would be nice and have wondered about a smaller rotary but i have a...
  8. Manny

    New Holland parts website

    Can anyone get on to the parts store or even find it. I'm looking for part number to speed up ordering with the local dealer and the site has gone.
  9. Manny

    Pair of 540/65r24 tyres.

    Looking for a pair of tyres to go on the back of the combine. Tubeless that hold air and good sidewalls would be good, but tread not to important.
  10. Manny

    550*45r22.5 tyre problem.

    I have a 550*45r22.5 tyre which when blow up slowly gets a bubble in the side wall. If you take the tyre off the rim there is know sign of a hole and there is know damage to the outside. The tread is like new on it and it's to go on a trailer that never gets used on the road. Is it possible to...
  11. Manny

    Kuhn GF tedder parts

    Does anyone know of an old Kush gf tedder that is being broken for parts? I have an old gf8501 T0 and could do with some spares?
  12. Manny

    Axial pro and su

    I've sprayed my spring barley with a su (finish SX or answer SX) in the last few days and now i have a rec to spray axial pro for wild oats. I've been told i need to keep the rates up as the su will effect how it works. How long a gap is best for least crop damage, how long before the rate can...
  13. Manny

    Valtra T234 Direct

    Looking for drivers and owner opinions of valtra t234 direct, good, bag and ugly?
  14. Manny

    Hardi lpz boom part, 2009 or newer.

    I need the lock out valve body off the locking ram from a 2009 hardi boom if anyone is breaking one.
  15. Manny

    Fx750, ez pilot and ag25 fitting instructions.

    Hi I've just purchased a second hand steering system and there are no fitting instructions or user manual with it. Are these available from dealers or would any one on here have a copy that could be emailed at all. Thanks.
  16. Manny

    Scottish members help needed.

    Hi I'm looking for help from Scottish members in the Aberdeen, Inverure area if there are any on here?
  17. Manny

    Saderson face plate

    Wanted, Sanderson face plate preferably with manitou brackets on or one i can weld some on to. Like this.
  18. Manny

    Tractor safety.

    After a very interesting meeting last night about farm safety, what if anything would you want a manufacturer to add to a tractor to make it safer. One good idea that was brought up was a stop switch on the rear mud guard by the lift buttons so you could hitch the link arms and top link up then...
  19. Manny

    Strip till peas.

    I am looking at the idea of growing some peas next year and was wondering if anyone has experience of strip tilling them with a mzuri or a claydon?
  20. Manny

    Cx hydraulic filters.

    Can these be changed without emptying that hydraulic tank and getting covered in oil?

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