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  1. Wheatland

    Sumo DTS advice

    240hp on ours, more for beans
  2. Wheatland

    L-CBF Boost

    where do you get that from please?
  3. Wheatland

    Combinables Price Tracker

    Uncontracted milling oats £145
  4. Wheatland

    Combinables Price Tracker

    Barley £162 and feed wheat £210 for Feb
  5. Wheatland

    Grain Auger 12” diameter

  6. Wheatland

    Grain Auger 12” diameter

    I’m looking for an auger to take grain away from my mobile drier. Ideally minimum 10’ long but any length could be of interest, needs to be 3 phase and move 80t/hr running horizontal. Thanks
  7. Wheatland

    seed hopper

    thanks @benny6910 I still have a couple available collection South Shropshire £200 each. I ended up buying a drill filler
  8. Wheatland

    This years rainfall in Ruabon , Wrexham

    South East Shropshire 1081.80mm for 2020 recorded on a Metos station Jan 76.80 Feb 268 Mar 38 April 30 May 10 June 105 July 42.2 Aug 144.2 Sept 33.6 Oct 114.4 Nov 55.6 Dec 173.8 Its my first year recording rainfall
  9. Wheatland

    Multipurpose trailer

    I had the same idea a couple of years ago, made by AW trailers, the greedy boards come off to leave a really good dump/rubble trailer. It holds easily 20t of stone but only about 10t of grain and if I were ordering again I’d buy two separate trailers even if that meant secondhand
  10. Wheatland

    Combinables Price Tracker

    feed beans are about £215/t in Shropshire based on 15% moisture
  11. Wheatland

    Combinables Price Tracker

    I was offered £135/t yesterday for milling quality assured spring oats which I politely declined if that’s any guide. I expect non assured feed would mean low bushel or very weathered appearance so you’d be bid £100-125 depending how bad.
  12. Wheatland

    Carrier For Cover Crops

    I’ve got a Carrier with a bio drill on which we use for grass seed and cover crops. We have the facility to blow the seed in front or behind the packer roller which works better if it’s borderline wet.
  13. Wheatland

    Gatekeeper/Gatekeeper Express Opinions

    Good but overly complex and expensive. Also question mark over the sharing of customers data
  14. Wheatland

    Are chaser bins/keeping the combine moving really worth it?

    I think mine was about £57k in 2013. It was quite a bit more expensive than the Rytec/Hawe/Richard Western type and it holds 27m3
  15. Wheatland

    Are chaser bins/keeping the combine moving really worth it?

    I bought A chaser in 2013 after seeing the damage done by the trailers in the soggy 2012 harvest even though our trailers are mainly cargo bib. The chasers tyres run at about 18psi rather than trailers at 45psi plus. as @ollie989898 says it’s an extension of the combines grain tank. It allows...
  16. Wheatland


    I assume you have tried lowering fan speed, and made sure there are no obstructions in the distribution head or pipe work causing back pressure
  17. Wheatland


    @Elj has your drill got a pressurised tank?
  18. Wheatland

    Weaving GD user thread

    Thats a neighbours, it looked ‘suboptimal’ conditions to me
  19. Wheatland

    Weaving GD user thread

    Not me but I think I know where you saw it. I drove by a sprayed off turf this afternoon that had been recently drilled. It looked pretty wet!
  20. Wheatland

    Horsch Sprinter operation

    There should be an equal amount of colour codes spacers in the front depth wheels, the front centre packer and the rear packer. Set the drill in work so the drill is level, depth is correct and there is some weight on the front packer/wheels but still some weight on the tractor. Then use the...

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