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    Following on from the RT thread and as I’ve an inspection booked soon I’m just wondering about NROSO and the pointless points? It seems pretty much unachievable at the moment to gather any up and any course I’ve been on in recent years appears to be going over old ground as they run out of...
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    Where do I start... Help!

    Ok I will admit I’m a sceptic to some extent regarding DD but will never say never.... so current system plough and combi drill. wold land in North Yorkshire, light bits of fluffy chalk but also more Clay bits with flint among it. Usually in the same field. Land will go very tight if run...
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    Thank you Colemans

    I see the Mustard guys are promoting British beef this time to go with there mustard. think it was British Lamb last time with there mint sauce. Well done Coleman’s and thank you. nice to see a Company promoting British meat products alongside there own.
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    Home cleaning OSR seed

    Next year be our first drilling FSS OSR. only 40 acre or so. going into an accord drill. will it need cleaning or just dig it straight off the heap? and for the bit I need if it does need a clean any budget suggestions as only talking of 70-100kg or so
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    New holland tractor info/user experience needed please.

    NH TN75S has anyone had anything to do with one? Going to be mainly doing one specific job. Which it’s the ideal size and price for. looks tidy enough but 11,000hrs on the clock. Ex veg farm. has supersteer axle feedback be appreciated regards reliability, what goes wrong etc.....
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    Manitou heavy steering

    Manitou 627 and steering has gone heavy, any suggestions. And no it’s not getting replaced with yellow, green or any other colour😉 cheers
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    Farm assurance cost

    Yep it’s well known I’m not a fan. But it looks like we’re stuck with it for now. can anyone tell me the ballpark cost for a combined arable/beef audit on a 300 acre farm? just looking to see which outfit offer best value (if that’s the correct term😂😂) cheers.
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    Baling pea haulm

    Anyone baling pea haulm after the viners have been through? is it worth wrapping or leave it till crispy and then bale? is it even worth baling how many bales/acre are we likely to get? cheers
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    Beginners guide to auto steer.

    Have a 2017 NHT7.210 that’s auto steer ready what how and where is the best (cheapest) place to source the nav controller and beacon for it and what level of guidance is required for say a few hundred acre drilling per year and some grass work? no experience of anything like this and the...
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    Subaru Forester replacement.

    Wifeys diesel Forester is up for replacement sometime in the next year or so. Really want to stick with diesel but also want auto box as well as I have dodgy knee And find driving manuals any distance can be painful. Trouble is all the newer Subaru’s are petrol only as it seems the boxer...
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    Wanted Hydrovane type road tow compressor doesn’t need to be too flashy as just for occasional use blowing combines etc down. nearer to York the better. cheers
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    Wanted store cattle

    WANTED Store cattle, 6 month plus old TB4 only Preferably within 50 miles of York. Bulls, heifers or steers considered. Thanks.
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    What engines will run on kero?

    As above.
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    Heva Fanterra drill

    Anyone any experience of them?
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    Is now a good time to promote British farming and locally sourced food?

    As above is it now our time to shine? Can’t see the useless clowns at RT doing anything, so should an independent body of farmers set a eat local eat British advertising campaign up? I would happily throw a few quid in the pot to help cover costs!
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    Farm sale near York March 21st 2020

    See details in link. All good stuff from a genuine dispersal sale. Well worth a look.
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    Weaving subdisc

    Just bought one. any tips or hints on running them cheers
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    Straw spreading gadget

    Next year we will have all Round bale straw from behind an Axail flow combine. Now obviously these don’t roll out very well. Need something to spread them. Preferably without spending a fortune which rules the likes of the Wessex crossfire out. Mounted/trailed straw choppers aren’t the answer...
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    Holywell tractor and machinery

    Enterprising TFF member branching out or just a coincidence?
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    Weaving subdisc

    Opinions on the above please. 1st generation model 7 leg version. Reliability, power requirement, running costs and quality of work. Cheers.

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