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  1. DrDunc

    Bale unroller

    Will the likes of a hustler bale unroller manage solid centre chopped haylage? I currently feed them out with a McHale straw blower, but after all the years of bedding and 10,000 ish bales of haylage, it's starting to show it's age. Will an unroller be slower feeding out a bale? It's a bit...
  2. DrDunc

    Quicke Q companion weighing device

    Anyone got one of the quicke weighing screens, the Q companion? I was thinking it would make it easier and more efficient to know how much baled silage to feed cattle and sheep through the winter. Also knowing the weight is dung would make nutrient budgeting a bit less guesswork. However, the...
  3. DrDunc

    Painting tractor wheels

    Remove and spray when laying flat? Mask the tyre, spray in position, and to hell with runs? Who's done what to tart up their wheels?
  4. DrDunc

    Outback s-lite puck antenna

    I have a class branded outback s-lite lightbar with a puck antenna like this... The antenna signal strength has recently all but disappeared. It flicks between ready and warning up while it finds an SBAS correction signal, drops out frequently, and the AB line drifts horrendously It was...
  5. DrDunc

    Baler chain oiler

    Help please! I can't get the chain oiler on my Krone comprima to work There's no blockages, the filters are clean, and the brushes have been renewed When you take the grub screw out of the manifold block on the right hand side, how much oil should be pulsing out? On mine it's just visible...
  6. DrDunc

    Valtra implement signal connector help please!!!!

    I need the 7 pin implement signal connector socket in my Valtra N134D, but it doesn't have one ? Does anyone know if there's somewhere to plug and play a cable so that I can put in a 7 pin ISO11786 socket? It's to provide a ground speed, and arm position signal to an einbock seeder control...
  7. DrDunc

    Kuhn RW1810 bale wrapper

    Who's using one? Who's tried one and didn't like it? Is the 3D wrapping system really that much better, and how much does it slow things down Opinions please......
  8. DrDunc

    Muck grab for loader tractor

    Currently have an X form (cherry products) 6 foot 6 wide, but wondering if my loader will cope with something a bit bigger, and if so, what? Can't find anyone who makes anything bigger for a loader tractor. Keep looking at telehandler ones, but maybe they're too big for a loader tractor...
  9. DrDunc

    Another nail in live exports coffin?

    BBC News - Queen Hind cargo ship carrying 14,000 sheep overturns off Romania
  10. DrDunc

    Kuhn 121 plough tyres

    What size tyres will h4 bodies on a Kuhn 121 multimaster cope with? I've 520/70s at the moment and it does a lovely job Do the boards cope with 600/65s?
  11. DrDunc

    Deutz alarm turn off help!!!

    One of the solenoid valves on the axle suspension block has blown the seals (again ?) This error code flashes up with a blaring beep alarm. Stuffed speaker with paper and covered it in silage tape, but it's still driving me nuts. Anyone know how to switch the bloody alarm off?
  12. DrDunc

    George Monbiot says eat meat, why aren't qms / nfu / eblex????

    Social media and especially the BBC are, we know, spreading bollox about meat reared in the UK. Why aren't the compulsory levy bodies that are supposed to promote our produce doing anything????
  13. DrDunc

    Baler PTO speed

    Anyone else run their tractor in 540eco, and run the baler PTO shaft at 600rpm?
  14. DrDunc

    Android tablet farm software

    Is there farm software that runs on an Android tablet? I have used shearwell data software for the cattle, flock, field and medicine records for years. However my PC is getting long in the tooth to say the least, and all the other farm software runs on my phone. So can I do away with a...
  15. DrDunc

    Quicke softride behaviour

    Ok I've replaced my quicke leader suspension accumulators..... again. Question; when the suspension is switched on after you've been lifting weight, should it spring up when the valve opens? I think the lock out valve on mine has been plumbed into the lift side of the rams, not the...
  16. DrDunc

    Ifor Williams easy load decks

    New dp120 14 foot ifor: The cross brace struts for the top deck, there's one that has spacer blocks clamped inside either end. Where does this go? Does it go at the front, in the middle, right at the back below the wee panel, or at the front of the wee panel and under the back of the fold...
  17. DrDunc

    Enorossi V rake

    Anyone got one of these wheeled V rakes? How do you do the end rigs and points if there isn't a baler following them round to make space? How are they in heavy damp stemmy grass? How well do they tow at speed, say for an hour on the road to go move damp straw away from the farm?
  18. DrDunc

    Strapping round bales

    Three high round bales on their can. Throwing the cross straps over from the ground is no bother. Any tips on doing the same for the long front to back straps? There's not always a boy around to lift up who'll happily scamper on top of the bales laying out the straps. So how do you put them...
  19. DrDunc

    High price rams bad publicity

    The sheep industry is in the doldrums. Breeding female sales have struggled, averages little more then they were 20 years ago. Fat price is again being lowered, and confidence in the future is arguably at an all time low. Yet the press is full of the record prices paid by a select few ram...
  20. DrDunc

    Broom wall clips

    Looking for over centre broom wall clips like this for a 13mm shaft half inch knuckle bar.... Except everything I can find are for 18 -28 mm shafts. I want to clamp a 600mm knuckle bar to the outside of my tractor toolbox (because it doesn't fit inside obviously). Spring clips are no use...

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