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  1. Beef farmer

    Does any one......

    Have cows run in 1 group but with 2 different sheds/bedding types. For example, a shed on mats and sawdust and an adjacent shed on sand. My chap who thinks he is an oracle on all things cows says I'm asking for trouble. People experience good and bad welcome
  2. Beef farmer


    just had the blood results back, low on iodine levels. Apart from bolus how are people supplementing iodine? Thanks in advance
  3. Beef farmer

    Amazone Hydro twin disc

    Any user experiences please. 2012 era. Reliable? Pleased with it? Pitfalls?
  4. Beef farmer

    Summer forage crops

    What's peoples opinions? Got 50 acres to plant end of next week if we get some rain, was gonna go turnips. Want to eat it mid july till mid aug before going back to grass. Should I look at some forage rape? Or stick with the turnips?
  5. Beef farmer

    Rosy Lane Dairy

    AHDB have been on for a few weeks doing meetings with RLD, has anyone been? They have an article in the farmers weekly this week, and reading the farm facts i wonder what pearls of wisdom they have been here sharing? 1075 cows 950 cows in milk. 20 full time staff plus 4 partners. 720 ha...
  6. Beef farmer


    Been to a herbal ley meeting today. The stand out aspect is £309/ha for 5 years. Spent the afternoon milking running figures through my head, So....half the cows, half the staff, no fert input so another saving. Easy milkings with parlours at half capacity. Once your in mid tier then...
  7. Beef farmer

    Stupid questions from a simple mind

    In the autumn, it has been pointed out to me that my cows lost weight from calving too breeding. I feel, but cant confirm until pd in the next few weeks that our conception wont be a patch on the last 2 years. Last year after 9 weeks we had 10% mt This year I'm feeling 15%+ mt after 12 weeks...
  8. Beef farmer

    Farm Plastic

    No company will recycle black plastic im told today, cant send it abroad anymore as they refuse to take it due to soil contamination, no one can afford to wash it because of disposing the dirty washings. We need to find ways to reduce its use as its getting out of hand. Whats the collectives...
  9. Beef farmer

    Sexed beef semen and the national suckler herd.

    Following in from the 4m sexed semen, I read and hear a bit about farms getting on well with sexed beef semen. With that in mind, and I shall certainly be looking into it for next season, if it takes off will we be our own worse enemy or will the suckler herd suffer? Cold wet night as you can...
  10. Beef farmer


    Feeding liquid feeds to make up a short fall in forage. Any tips? Anyone done it? Can get adlib feeders and already have 30ton liquid tank.
  11. Beef farmer

    Bulk grazing options

    So......were all in a bit of a pickle with the weather. I want to plant something 20th September, to graze in feb,march and April. Then the same paddocks be put back into kale/turnips for aug pick. Then back into a reseed. So what to plant in September, Turnips? Kale? Westerwold? Forage...
  12. Beef farmer

    Dry cows therapy/seal

    Anyone not doing anything? Just stop milking them, fly spray and away for 6 weeks. Very dry conditions on cows that arnt too delicate, not giving much milk with very good cells.
  13. Beef farmer

    Fertiliser rates

    What are rates and what products are people applying? On new platform, my neighbour has had cows for as long as...and is consistently growing more grass than i am, 40 years of arable has taken its toll. So after a discussion with agronomist and a few influenctual farming peers, my question...
  14. Beef farmer

    Grass sugar levels

    What is classified as a high grass sugar % in a fresh sample of grass? Ive gone some samples before we take 1st cut, mainly to find n levels, but sugars have come back at 7%. Is 10% achievable?
  15. Beef farmer

    5m Kuhn mower

    Are these trailed 5m Kuhn mowers any good?
  16. Beef farmer

    Impulse air.

    As above, anyone used or using it
  17. Beef farmer

    TB restricted store cattle

    70 named sire Angus and 30 British blue steers and heifers. 12 months old. Real money spinners. £650 Ono.
  18. Beef farmer

    Essex to Cornwall

    have a 27ft low loader to bring down from Essex to as close to Cornwall as possible. Any empty wagons coming down.
  19. Beef farmer

    Low loader

    30ft tri axle on air and oil. New or very good condition. Mini super singles Ta
  20. Beef farmer

    Forage stocks

    just seen on fb farmers for action page, that many farmers are feeding 1st cut and have no grass growth, and forage stocks are at an all time low, coupled with cows starting to ease production. Then other parts of the country people have silage coming out there ears and heaps off grass growth...

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