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  1. ShooTa

    Worms beaten by fungi?

    I came across this whislt doing one of those internet black holes/ has anyone heard about it ? if so thoughts? seems to me a boon and might deal with the anthelmitic problems for organic producers AND any anthelmintic resistance...
  2. ShooTa

    Compost teas

    Did a quick search and havnt found much here on FF has anyone used any, and seen good results? i have been reading/listening up on the work of Elaine Ingham and thinking it could be a great addition to getting rid of our nettles/thistle issues without subsoil ploughing/keyline plough
  3. ShooTa

    Weaning mob sheep

    has anyone been through a rotation with lambing yet? I am coming up to weaning soon and am trying to decide whether we do the standard - separate onto far fields and have 2 mobs OR to have a leader follower system - as ive read one source which said that the lambs suffered less of a check in...

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