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  1. Jon 3085

    Wheat drilling 2020

    Same 🙄
  2. Jon 3085

    Yorkshire has been renamed Walkshire for 2021

    Just seen this ☹️
  3. Jon 3085

    Your current weather.

    -5.5 🥶
  4. Jon 3085

    Massey 698

    We had a fleet of 3 ,a Y reg with a tb turbo ,an A reg 4x4 multi power,and an A reg standard 2 wheel drive.
  5. Jon 3085

    Lloyds Bank...any one else had this call

    Be a miracle if it was genuine,we just got a letter saying they were putting the interest rate up to 10.85% and the arrangement fee up too on a unsecured overdraft 🙄
  6. Jon 3085

    Silage / Straw / Hay Price Tracker

    The oat straw was last years and second quality.
  7. Jon 3085

    Your current weather.

  8. Jon 3085

    Bag lifters

    Got this,it doesn’t damage the bags and much easier to use than pallet forks.
  9. Jon 3085

    Are germinators ever used on winter cereals

    8-10 acres an hour if you have the right soil with a 5 metre.
  10. Jon 3085

    Are germinators ever used on winter cereals

    We use one on sandy loam,straight on rolled ploughing and then drill with an Accord air drill.
  11. Jon 3085


    Had 10 buzzards following the plough last week eating the worms , they kept all the sea gulls off so at least the tractor was cleaner 👍
  12. Jon 3085

    Online hydraulic fitting supplier.

    Flowfitonline on eBay.
  13. Jon 3085

    Which hedge cutter

    Just had this £15,500,replaced a 25 year old PA93 which was a good machine.
  14. Jon 3085

    Building bay width

    We have a 100x50 with 16’6” bays,built to make it stronger when we had it built in 1988.
  15. Jon 3085

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Pulan £209 pay January
  16. Jon 3085

    Storms east coast scotland

    In Fife
  17. Jon 3085

    Storms east coast scotland

    Saw this on Facebook

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