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  1. Anymulewilldo

    Mobile Dipping man required

    Is there anyone on here who does mobile dipping in Cheshire? Cheers
  2. Anymulewilldo

    Cattle lorry Alterations

    Currently running a 22ft Bentham container, removable decks and manual ramps too deck. I really miss folding decks, removable is sort of ok but storing them in the top of the body is a PITA which is likely too result in me hurting myself before long. As is lifting the ramps up with sheep on...
  3. Anymulewilldo

    BFL tup

    Right folks. I can’t believe I’m even contemplating this but here we go. As some of you might remember I sorted 50 SBF ewes out of a batch of killers that were correct both ends. Well after another trip up north that number has grown too 112 correct blackies. I was going too put the texel on...
  4. Anymulewilldo

    New Bale Squeeze

    Got a standard squeeze for the loader tractor, the rollers over spikes kind. rollers for wrapped, spikes for hay/straw. Currently only got spikes for the telehandler. Could do with a squeeze too fit it. Seem too be more bales coming stacked on their ends nowadays and the loader with the rollers...
  5. Anymulewilldo

    Urea Poisoning in sheep

    To round of a very mixed week I've just had a big mule ewe lie down, start frothing at the mouth, blow up like a balloon, muscle tremors and loss of coordination. Dose of bicarbonate and the big needle lessened the pressure on her gut but within 2 minutes she was bigger than ever. Dead in 5...
  6. Anymulewilldo

    Sheep head yolk

    Hey up folks. I've a recurring problem with my lower back. Doesn't seem to be getting better with whichever treatment I get. I'm wondering about one of those hang in a gate head yolks for holding Hoggs still while I dag them out. Any use? Ta
  7. Anymulewilldo

    Grazing stubble with ewes

    Hey up folks. I normally graze stubble regen off with stores for a couple of arable men over the winter before it dies back in frost. I find it does blackie lambs a world of good. This time I've loads of good dairy grass to go at until Feb then turnips through to spring and stores have gone too...

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