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    machinery storage

    Hi I'm after some ideas for storage when space is limited please I'm not a real farmer but have a 10 acre small holding I have 2 large sheds but one is full of stables for the wifes horses:banghead: the other is for my tractors,digger,dumper,telehandler etc and my workshop I try and keep...
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    spare parts advice please

    Hi,advice needed please giving the skid steer bucket brush a birthday and need a bolt on cutting edge and brushes that are 7" internal diameter Tried agri link and they only do 5" brushes and weld on cutting edges. Before I turn to google and get ripped off I wanted to ask you for your advice...
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    advise please,jd 6230 banging when brakes released

    Hi new to here and not really a farmer (car and van mechanic with a mot station and a small holding) I bought a jd6230 standard 2009 with a loader a few months ago for doing our hayledge,no experience with tractors and only used to driving my international 685xl. when clearing the fields and...
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    affordable farm machinery somerset

    Hi New here but was hoping for a bit of advice please? has anyone ever dealt with affordable farm machinery in somerset? Like the look of a tractor they are selling but i'm from lincolnshire so no idea about them,googled the name but couldn't find any reviews etc. any help/advice would be great...

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