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  1. Newby

    Bale/General Purpose Trailer For 100HP Tractor

    I'm looking for a trailer for leading bales but also general purpose flat trailer jobs, I've got a 100HP tractor and there are no hills for miles around. I'm a relative newcomer to all things tractor and trailer, it's never been my department before. What length and width do I look for?
  2. Newby

    Do you require change of use to use redundant poultry buildings for fattening pigs?

    As per title do you require change of use planning permission to fatten pigs in redundant poultry buildings? There would be no change to the exterior of the buildings the only conversion work would be interior, the site had all relevant planning permission passed for a broiler unit back in the...
  3. Newby

    WANTED Commercial Store Pigs

    WANTED Commercial Store Pigs For independent family run pig finishing business Anything considered I'm in East Yorkshire near York
  4. Newby

    How high does a shed need to be to tip an artic?

    How high does a shed need to be to tip an artic?
  5. Newby

    We've had TFF dating, what about TFF East Yorkshire Chapter?

    We've had TFF dating, what about TFF East Yorkshire Chapter, anyone in East Yorkshire fancy a pint new years day? Talk about farming, current affairs, anything in general?
  6. Newby

    Rough price for growing and ag bagging maize?

    Does anyone have a rough ballpark type figure for growing and ag bagging maize using contractors? I know there's a lot of variables
  7. Newby

    Native x Dairy Are They Better As Bulls or Steers?

    As title, do Native x Dairy do better as bulls or Steers? They'll be pretty much intensive, but I'm thinking being native they won't want pushing as hard as continental.
  8. Newby

    Are Native x Dairy more hardy than Continental x Dairy?

    Are Native x Dairy any more hardy than Continental x Dairy cows as sucklers? Are Continental x higher input?
  9. Newby

    Home Made (ideally) Cattle Feed Bunk Design

    Has anyone got any ideas for cheap cattle feed bunks for feeding veg waste and such without spending a fortune?
  10. Newby

    Limestone Flour per Ton Mix for Intensive Beef Diet

    Can anyone tell me how much limestone flour per ton to add to a barley mix for adlib bulls?
  11. Newby

    Feeding Housed Ewes Straw

    Does anyone know straw usage per 100 lowland ewes, when bedding and feeding on straw? Am I right in thinking concentrate use will be slightly higher feeding straw?
  12. Newby

    How wide does a feed apron want to be?

    How wide does a feed apron want to be in front of a cattle shed feed barrier?
  13. Newby

    Are there any Easycare wether friendly store markets?

    As per title, I sell all my lambs store and I'm sick of getting my pants pulled down with them, other than swapping breeds what are my options?
  14. Newby

    Sheep Feed Barrier Space Allowance

    I have 100 ft of Sheep Feed Barrier just wondered if anyone knew how many medium sized ewes it would serve?
  15. Newby

    When using an unmineralised blend

    I've been pricing up blends and they're unmineralised so would need to supplement the minerals another way, what does everyone do? Put everything through a mixer? Top dress in the trough? Free access? Mineral buckets?
  16. Newby

    Does anybody routinely buy store pigs from a livestock market?

    As the title reads, does anybody on here routinely buy store pigs to finish from a market? The reason I ask is the price at the moment seems very tempting but the idea of 100's of them all mixing from all over the place, all with dubious health status is nearly enough to give me a nervous breakdown.
  17. Newby

    Does anybody grow a forage crop for growing cattle over summer?

    Does anyone grow a forage crop for young growing cattle over summer? Or does grass still work out the best/most cost effective?
  18. Newby

    I have an old John Deere tractor

    I have an old John Deere tractor which is mechanically sound, but the cab is knackered. Am I right in thinking that I can remove the whole cab and buy some foot rests and fenders etc and remount the seat and make it cab less? Or am I massively over simplifying things?
  19. Newby

    Early Lambing With Texel X Ewes

    In everyone's expert opinion what is the earliest I could reliably go with Texel X ewes using natural service?
  20. Newby

    would a dutch harrow bury grass seed too deep?

    As per title I'm wondering if a Dutch Harrow will bury grass seed too deep? If I spin it on and cover it over with the harrow lightly.

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