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  1. Xerion

    Another what is this flying bug?

    This little chap landed on my head Quite friendly really well at least it didn't bite me Buzzed of after about 10 minutes Max
  2. Xerion

    Trustytractor JAP engine thoughts, please

    To start off with this is not a what is it worth thread as I expect the answer would be very little, The sentimental value is enormous though! My father died in 2015 and in 2018 we started sorting his place out and came across his old tractor,2 wheels not 4. Now as children we grew up with this...
  3. Xerion

    Interesting Read !!! Max
  4. Xerion

    Isle of man TT 2017

    Ok ladies and gentlemen !! any members on the Isle of man that can put up a group of German (and me ) miners for a few days during the TT ? Got a few lads on the shift that would love to come and see it in the flesh but the pakage prices are putting them off If not can anybody give us a...
  5. Xerion

    Help with Landrover Valuation .

    If this is in the wrong forum mods please move to the apropriate one . My father passed away just before christmas last year and we have slowly been sorting his place out and have eventually got around to parting with his two Landrovers , trouble is we have no idea what they are worth . So...
  6. Xerion

    Bed and breakfast in North Staffordshire

    Anyone doing b&b around stoke Looking for 3 nights for a family of 5 Wednesday night through to Saturday morning. Hotel prices are bloody stupid ! Regards Max
  7. Xerion

    Another one leaving the industry !!

    Not really big news I know but as of the 1st of October I am leaving agriculture for good after 25 years full time employment and going back to my original career as a miner . Glück Auf Max
  8. Xerion

    Looks like another busy night in the making !!!

    Wind speeds up tp 120 kmh forcast !!!! Best not drink this evening , you can bet I will be hauled out of bed before dawn Hope its a bit calmer with other folks Max
  9. Xerion

    Wash day a few pictures for JP1 ,DaveJ and any other firemen part 2

    I wouldn't let me load my post in one , to many pictures !!!!!! Here is looking foward , two radio sets on the left is the old 4m band anolog and to the right our digital set which we use today This is our MTW or troop carrier ! if you miss the LF or there is no room you follow behind in...
  10. Xerion

    Wash day a few pictures for JP1 ,DaveJ and any other firemen part 1

    Well as I am on the sick for another 2 weeks I have a bit of time to catch up on FFW things and today wash wash day for both machines and a general sort out in the geräte haus . So I thought I would show you guys some of our kit over here in germany and see how it compares to your uk kit . This...
  11. Xerion

    A good friend from the USA posted this on my Facebook page

    Thought this was pretty cool My kinda team Max
  12. Xerion

    Any playstation 3 experts out there ?

    My sons PS3 won't start up red light flashes and nothing ! Is this fixable or just throw it out ? He says he will loose his PS accout etc if he has to have a new one ........................... and he is starting to do my head in moaning about it . Max
  13. Xerion

    Roses Any gardening experts on here ?

    Is it to soon to cut my roses back ? They are starting to grow now in mid January and I am tempted to prune them back to the 4 main stems . Is it to soon ? Frost is forcast next week but only down to - 4 so not like the normal - 15 I rely don't want to kill them as they are imported from my...
  14. Xerion

    Be afraid and I mean Very afraid We have these ditch rats here in Germany !!!! have seen them dam a ditch and flood 97 ha in two days !!!!!! And we Can't even look at them through enviro protection laws :scratchhead: I reckon they are the last thing you need in the...

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