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    Horse arena

    Drainage and make sure you use the right sand and topping Built the wife a 40x40 5 years ago and its the driest part of my land and still looks new. Also be careful with the planning the only clause on mine is that i cant use it for business, only the pleasure of the owner is how they put it but...
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    Farm building security, deterrents, good ideas?

    caravan with a battery light on inside? They might think someone is staying there. If it was me and I thought they were coming (you said they have been looking) Id be in the caravan with dog and 12 bore,rabbit shooting obviously ;)
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    People driving round fields at night

    Sorry but coming from a little turd who likes to shoot clays who are you to tell me I shouldn’t?????
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    Stable conversion, anyone avoided doing a bat survey?

    my advise after still going through the process is before you ring any ecologists get rid of them!!!! We had 2 common house bats found in ours and the rules they were going to put in place were shocking Depending on dates we were going to have to have an ecologist there when we removed a roof at...
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    Switching from NatWest business account

    I switched to tsb last night,4k for switching and said they would honour o/d rate however in the blurb it said no company credit cards allowed? Have requested a call back as although i'm not in my o/d I want it to stay the same limit as a just in case. This covid will carry on hurting me for the...
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    Night shooting kit... on the cheap.

    thanks,thats convinced me then Borrowed a wolf nite site and although very good (and expensive) the range seemed more suited to a rifle rather than an air rifle so think the ratting one might be best for me
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    Night shooting kit... on the cheap.

    i'm just looking at the ratting kit on nvuk site and it seems very cheap,how are you getting on with yours please?
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    Dad - the car is making a funny noise

    went out to a lock-out on a audi once,arrived on scene and the bloke walked up to me with a big red mark on his forehead.Asked him if he was ok and he said "I thought i'd smash the window with a hammer to get my keys out and it bounced back and smacked him :banghead: :banghead:
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    Jump Start Booster Pack

    Don't hesitate and buy the gb150 or the smaller one had one over a year now and use it at least 4 times a week,have never flattened it and only charged it up 5 or 6 times I went for the bigger one as i use it at my garage aswell as farm and this one will take the abuse of cranking none starters...
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    Dad - the car is making a funny noise

    another good one was a chap had lost his keys to his car on the beach at cleethorpes with 2 young special needs kids with him and really upset. No problem I say Where do you live? 2 miles away he says No problem I'll take you home for your spare key That would be brilliant he says and I feel...
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    Dealing with depression - suicidal thoughts - Join the conversation (including helpline details)

    hope you don't think i'm prying but what happened to cause this? You say other people causing you trouble? I understand if you don't want to explain.
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    Dad - the car is making a funny noise

    worked as an RAC patrol for a few years 10 years ago and saw loads of things like that. went to a vectra at tescos with the owner saying her car wont unlock would i break into it for her. after i'd got into it the key wouldnt turn in the ignition!! took the key off her to check it and pressed...
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    Dad - the car is making a funny noise

    thanks for that,might be better as always replacing lightning cables as dont last long :mad:
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    Dad - the car is making a funny noise

    have they changed from lightning cables now then? still on iphone 7 at min :banghead:
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    Dad - the car is making a funny noise

    tell me more..... About to order one or should i ????
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    Switching from NatWest business account

    just been offered £4200 to move from natwest to tsb. Anyone know if you can scan cheques with tsb rather than taking into branch like natwest?
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    Need a basic book for cars like a Haynes just for 'cars'

    Don't know of any books but if you want to send me pics of parts will give you the names to order them and you'll soon get the hang of it (y)
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    Spending quality time as a family

    Are you on talking terms or are things nasty?
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    Spending quality time as a family

    Thankyou that can't of been easy. sounds like a mirror image of my life (except thankfully my wife understands as it's her dream) For what it's worth you should be proud that because of you both it sounds like your boys are doing great. It might be worth having a look at the dealing with...
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    Spending quality time as a family

    First off I'm sorry for your loss. Don't take this the wrong way but how would you have changed things? I am in a similar situation,work 12 hours a day 6 days a week at work then come home to work till 11,then work at home sundays (small holding) see my twin boys (9) 30 mins max a day and on...

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