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  1. Howard150

    Carbon footprint?

    Sky news have just released a list of the 15 major organisations which are the biggest carbon polluters in the UK. Greenies and friends of the Earth take note.....the worst culprits are the energy and steel producers. Just imagine. All that steel for the new energy efficient cars they all...
  2. Howard150

    As if you didn’t know all along!

    Take a look on the BBC NEWS channel. As if you did not know all along - CARBON EMISSIONS DOWN BY UP TO 50% due to Coronavirus. Alarming when you look at the bigger picture. Industry still running at a lower rate, power plants still running....the amount that cows and agriculture actually produce...
  3. Howard150

    Vintage World Style

    Interesting debate been raised on FB about Vintage World Style. Jim Cochrane is a formidable collector of ag lit who has posted lots of Fiskars and Ransomes sales literature. The debate naturally followed on to allowing some of these Fiskars and exotic Ransomes bodies to plough in the Classic...
  4. Howard150

    Late Great ploughmen

    In a long forgotten era, long before plant breeders, power harrows, exotic fertilisers and agrochemicals, then the most important man on the farm was the ploughman. Every day was a Ploughing Match. People used to walk round on a weekend looking over hedges to see what others had done. The most...
  5. Howard150

    That Time of Year Again.....

    Well folks - that time of year again with the solstice bearing down on us, Christmas and the New year close on its heels. All the best and compliments of the season one and all on here - friend or foe, ploughmen or otherwise. Time to put down your guns and bury your hatchets. Looking forward to...
  6. Howard150

    Erectors Required

    Looking for Erectors for several jobs in East and West Yorkshire Please contact me on [email protected] References would be appreciated
  7. Howard150

    Word of Warning

    For all those on here who followed the thread ‘Plough Weight’ and those lifting large weights using MF35 and MF65 you would be well advised to check a couple of settings - especially if your tractor is weighted to be nearly as heavy as a John Deere 4955 (12500kg) Make sure that the round stop...
  8. Howard150

    Used Livestock building

    Building suitable for livestock. 160 x 60 x 20 with 37' lean to. East Yorks. Ring Tony 07801667614
  9. Howard150

    General purpose building

    200 x 80 x aprox 23 general purpose building with 40 x 120 lean-to. Fibre cement roof & timber purlins, 2 metre high concrete panels. East Yorks. Ring Tony 07801667614
  10. Howard150

    You know you're in Gods county when....

    One of the good aspects of participating in a ploughing match is being in some of the best country scenery there is - especially at this time of year with all the new spring growth, and in the close proximity of famous and familiar features. Famous feature of Yorkshire is the white horse, cut...
  11. Howard150

    What is this plough and what age?

    Seen at Woody's ploughing match yesterday, the manufacturer of this plough is patently obvious. Can anybody date it. I thought I was fairly accurate but was 8 years adrift! While we're on, occasionally a picture of t'odd Massey (t'odd obviously said in the nicest possible way and meaning...
  12. Howard150

    Missing presumed stolen

    Today, Sunday 8th of Jan, a reward has been offered for information which would lead to the return of half a furrow stolen in a daring raid from Stokesley ploughing match Vintage class. The stunned Lancastrian competitor did not miss it until it was pointed out by the judge, although he was...
  13. Howard150

    Classic Class - A Rather Large Nail In The Coffin?

    Last week whilst talking to a Director of the SOP, he made me aware of moves afoot to split the Classic Class into two disciplines, Whole Work and Semi Digger. This was confirmed on Saturday last by another Director whilst I judged a ploughing match in Lincolnshire. On Sunday last two Directors...
  14. Howard150

    Depth of ploughing - Vintage and Classic

    Always a contentious point but it would be interesting to get some idea of people's feelings with regard to the depth ruling imposed on us in Vintage and Classic ploughing. Initially introduced so that no ploughman could gain advantage by ploughing shallow, should we have moved on, scrub the...
  15. Howard150

    'Yorkshire Disease' (only joking) hits Europeans!

    Joking apart - Good luck to the English Ploughmen, Coaches and Officials heading off for the European Competitions this weekend Yorkshire figures heavily this years Vintage competition with Mick Watkins at the helm, Stuart Burden ploughing Classic, Ian Berriman ploughing Vintage Mounted and...

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