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  1. arcobob

    The WHO inspectors are now in China. What are the odds on the getting meaningful findings?

    Is this an exercise to pacify the sceptics or a serious attempt to prevent further similar outbreaks? Will the finding be in any way useful?
  2. arcobob

    YL and TCN shares and sundries

    I have a quantity of YL44 and 61 shares, some genuine and some not, also other bits like landsides and TCN wings. Some of the non genuine YL44s are marked 12 NN and they look to be a really good quality share. Who made them? I also have a quantity of genuine TCN shares(Black 3 hole). I am...
  3. arcobob

    Did VW compensate European for mis-selling?$9.5-billion-to-car-buyers-it-deceived-in-its-dieselgate-scandal
  4. arcobob

    How well are care homes regulated?

    I heard some disturbing news this morning that a care home for the elderly in my village had currently 20 covid cases. Said home is part of a consortium that runs entirely with agency staff who move from one home to another. I cannot believe that this is possible.
  5. arcobob

    Funding for education It may seem miraculous to some that during austerity our ranking show a small overall improvement in educational standards. Compare the expenditure on education with that of other countries it is surprising to see that some of the lowest spenders...
  6. arcobob

    Is a new referendum the likely outcome?

    A second referendum appears to be the favoured Labour choice and is gaining traction in the Tory party. My take on this in light of what has already happened likens it to betting on a two horse race where the government owns the horses and decides which two to run and is also the bookmaker who...
  7. arcobob

    GSPR, a new diversion?

    The world has allowed our privacy to be compromised and now my inbox is inundated with more rubbish than before in the name of personal security, The horse has bolted and most of the scams that will enter my mailbox in future will, as before , emanate from US and third world countries.
  8. arcobob

    Penalty points and rules anomalies

    Has anyone ever finished the wrong way and had penalties given by judges rather than stewards, or worse still been given 20 penalties by the steward and marked down by the judge as well? Some people have argued that judges are not there to award penalties so as we seldom see stewards at local...
  9. arcobob

    Bucket grease guns

    I am fed up with buying expensive bucket grease guns that pack up after about a year. Has anyone come across a really reliable and durable gun as I have tried models throughout the price range and spending mega bucks seems to make no difference.
  10. arcobob

    Grassland starts

    A mystery to most stubble turners. Can any experts please explain ?
  11. arcobob

    Stubble chains

    I was ploughing at a working day recently and next to me was a man with a Fordson N and RSLD with YLs. He was using stubble chains but no skimmers. He was leaving more straw exposed than me using skimmers. I stress that this was not a match but, had it been one, what would the view of members of...
  12. arcobob

    Commercials - Heavy: MAN - 8-163

    Commercials - Heavy: MAN - 8-163 Category: Commercials - Heavy Manufacturer: MAN Price: £3000 Condition: Used Description: MAN 8-163 20ft Beavertail, 420k km 2001. Used for local small company plant deliveries and ploughing matches. Well maintained to comply with operators license schedule...
  13. arcobob

    Irish ploughing championships

    In September I visited the Irish national ploughing championships as I had heard so much about their organisation and the immense amount of support and following. On the day I attended some 127,000 others did also, but to be fair the event is combined with their agricultural show. Irish...
  14. arcobob

    Special match boards

    Rather than diversify an old thread even more here is my take on special match boards. There was a suggestion that RWMs were going to be banned in classic and in my opinion rightly so. Any special match boards introduced by a manufacturer are a publicity tool. They do it to promote their name in...
  15. arcobob

    Kiwi visit

    I am off to NZ soon. Is there anyone I should visit ?
  16. arcobob

    The future for match ploughing

    As someone who has lived my alloted span, still active with a passion for good ploughing, I fear for the future of our pastime. When I was in my 20s to 40s I was too busy to get involved. At last in my 60s nostalgia set in and I yearned to excel in the skills that were held precious when I was...
  17. arcobob

    Oily Exhaust

    My B275 suddenly started blowing spots of oil all over me and itself. It reminded me of the glorious experience of working a Field Marshall. I could sense a job for Christmas coming along. I normally use 15-40 mineral Eurofleet in the engine and change it every 200 hours and it has survived on...
  18. arcobob

    Match rules

    One of the best ways to create controversy and resentment is to run competitions where the rules are unclear or ambiguous. I have traveled the country competeing in vintage classes over the past few years and have found that ,in most instances, Society of Ploughmen rules are applied (not...
  19. arcobob

    Ploughmans lorry for sale

    MAN 8.163 21ft beavertail. Very nice reliable lorry, new floor ,ally ramps, test until end of september.

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