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  1. Wheatland

    Grain Auger 12” diameter

    I’m looking for an auger to take grain away from my mobile drier. Ideally minimum 10’ long but any length could be of interest, needs to be 3 phase and move 80t/hr running horizontal. Thanks
  2. Wheatland

    Grain/Feed Hoppers or tote bins

    Up to 15 available, all usable condition, some need minor repair £200+vat each
  3. Wheatland

    Wheel rims 20x34 10 stud /adaptor plates

    Hi , I’m looking to put 650/60 r34 on the front of a jd 6250r Has anybody got a set or just the rims? (20x34) Alternatively some bolt in centres 10 stud 280mm centre hole 105mm stud hole to hole. This is a fairly common size fitted to JD 6r series and Fendt 700 and 800 TIA
  4. Wheatland

    Horsch FG cultivator or similar

    Hi , looking for a cultivator without a packer to dry out cultivated land this spring. Ideally 5-6m wide
  5. Wheatland

    Drill filler (Richard Western or similar)

    Hi , I’m looking for a Richard Western drill filler or something similar. Example picture below
  6. Wheatland

    4 m front press

    Looking for a ring press, ideally folding tia
  7. Wheatland

    Weather station recommendations

    I'm looking to buy weather station in the next few weeks and wondered if anybody could point me in the right direction. I've applied for, and been accepted for a grant under CPSG and to comply it must measure and record the following: pressure, temp, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and...
  8. Wheatland

    Waste farm plastic in West Midlands

    hi, can anyone recommend a cost effective waste recycling site preferably in Shropshire or surrounding counties. It's just fertiliser bags and ag-chem containers. I'm happy to deliver it
  9. Wheatland

    Fitting rotometer to JD750a

    This is the project for today, can anybody post pictures of where the flexipipe from the rotometer fits intothe drills airstream please. TIA @Simon Chiles @Clive @H.Jackson @Fish @Big-Al
  10. Wheatland

    MF 1740 compact tractor

    Im looking to buy a 40-50hp compact tractor. It’s main duties will be estate maintenance, topping and spraying with a 400lt 6m Hardi. A local dealer has a very low houred MF1740 with a quicke loader. Does anybody know if Massey make these themselves or if it’s another make rebadged and also...
  11. Wheatland

    Cereal Trailers: Stewart - St15

    Cereal Trailers: Stewart - 15ton Category: Cereal Trailers Manufacturer: Stewart Price: £11000 Condition: Used Description: Stewart 15t tipping trailer with air /abs braking roller over sheet, sprung drawbar and hydraulic back door. Only used as a Grain trailer on arable...
  12. Wheatland

    Cultivators: Vaderstad - Topdown

    Cultivators: Vaderstad - Topdown Category: Cultivators Manufacturer: Vaderstad Price: £27500 Condition: Used Description: 2010 Vaderstad top-down td500 5m in very good condition. Still on original discs and shins. Points are 50mm tungsten. Bought new in 2011 and not really used for the...
  13. Wheatland

    Rollers: Heva - 820 tip roller

    Rollers: Heva - 820 tip roller Category: Rollers Manufacturer: Heva Price: £9750 Condition: Used Description: Heva / Opico top rolls 8.2m wide with shatterboards and 24inch rings with breakers. Had a complete new set of rings in August 2016 . Images: See the full size images for this...
  14. Wheatland

    Drills: Horsch - C04

    Drills: Horsch - C04 Category: Drills Manufacturer: Horsch Price: £7000 Condition: Used Description: Horsch CO4 drill, 2001, cleared tyres, radar, pre-em markers Not been used for a couple of seasons since the purchase of a sprinter. We were running this drill with Dutch opener coulters...
  15. Wheatland

    Combine Harvester and Accessories: New Holland - CR 980 Sale or Hire

    Combine Harvester and Accessories: New Holland - CR 980 Sale or Hire Category: Combine Harvester and Accessories Manufacturer: New Holland Price: £78000 Condition: Used Description: New Holland CR980 2006 with 30' NH vario header. 900/60 r32 tyres, chopper, chaff spreader, Agleader insight...
  16. Wheatland

    Value of unharvested maize cobs.

    A contractor has harvested some maize on a farm that I contract farm. It seems that a large proportion of the cobs have been lost through the bottom of the feed rolls and fallen on the floor. It was pointed out to the contractor that there appeared to be high losses but he said he could do...
  17. Wheatland

    Tractor Parts: New Holland - T7

    Tractor Parts: New Holland - T7 Category: Tractor Parts Manufacturer: New Holland Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: Wheel weights for New Holland T7 rear wheels. Hangers fit to the wheels and then 250kg weights bolt onto these. I have a total of 4 weights available. I think...
  18. Wheatland

    Rollers: Opico - 24"

    Rollers: Opico - 24" Category: Rollers Manufacturer: Opico Price: £25 Condition: Used Description: 44x Agri-cast plain 24" Cambridge rings to fit 60mm shaft. They have been fitted to our Opico/Heva rolls but are available due to the purchase of a complete new set. A few are brand new ...
  19. Wheatland

    Rollers: Opico - He-va 24" Cambridge rings

    Rollers: Opico - He-va 24" Cambridge rings Category: Rollers Manufacturer: Opico Price: £30 Condition: Used Description: 26x Genuine Opico 24" rings with shoulders for breakers. Shaft size is 60mm. We also have some with some cracks if desperate . Images: See the full size images for...
  20. Wheatland

    Missing farmer

    Please keep a lookout for local farmer Andrew Green who was last seen a week ago near his home. An extensive local search has drawn a blank and his family are obviously very concerned. He's not in any trouble but they would just like to know he's safe.

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