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  1. Headless chicken

    Feeding heifers and cows in the same shed

    Looking for some ideas on how to make feeding work for both dry cows and bulling heifers. The plan is to use a loose housed shed to calve in before housing bulling heifers in the winter. We need to be able to serve heifers in the shed due to the locality of the handling system so the thought of...
  2. Headless chicken


    What are others using? I’ve priced all the usual suspects. Current shed was soft bed supplied by Fairfield’s and I certainly like the rubber top cover. Saw some kraiburgs today and was suitably impressed but as there is no Matt underneath once is worn out that it I take it? As opposed to other...
  3. Headless chicken

    Who’s been a naughty boy?

    Anyone know the actual full story here? Apparently it runs straight onto a stream but looks like a fair tree line to me.
  4. Headless chicken

    Roller shutter door prices

    Anyone had any lately? Something like 15ft wide 15ft high?
  5. Headless chicken

    Schools closed again

    Curious as to what other members plans are here. Wife works full time. Luckily only 1 who is school age others are in nursery which is staying open. Are others just dragging kids round the farm with them whilst trying to get things done?
  6. Headless chicken

    Piping milk to a silo underground

    Wondering if anyone has experience with the above. For clarification we intend to for the milk pipe to be underground not the silo. Assume the parlour wash just runs the same distance as you would normally and just pipe a return? Also does anyone have a silo without a dairy directly attached? I...
  7. Headless chicken

    On farm safety

    Having a flick through evo Farming’s pictures and I notice that they supply hiviz to all their staff which got me thinking. up till now other than relief milkers it’s just been me or dad or me working with someone so we know where each other is. We’ve got a few more people floating about the...
  8. Headless chicken

    Your favourite rack

    Thought I should help @Bald Rick up the points league and have Christmas fun The only white cow I’ve ever really liked. Came from a Dutch cow we imported so no clue on the bull but would be an out and out Holstein. A little too narrow if I was being really picky but doesn’t stop her having some...
  9. Headless chicken

    Clipex posts

    I know this has been done to death but..... I’m looking at using some eco pasture posts for single strand permanent electric. Is there a special insulator to be had for them? how do they knock in on rock? Are they dairy farm with a knocker proof? Or do we need to be a bit delicate with them...
  10. Headless chicken

    Saffo regs and back filling

    Can anyone enlighten me on the above. We are due to put some new concrete walls up for our silage clamps. I know to meet regs that I need a drain on the outside of this wall. Can anyone confirm if we are able to fill over this drain so the field can run right to the top of the clamp?
  11. Headless chicken

    Self build insurance

    Has anyone got any recommendations on a company that will actually come back to you? People just don’t seem to like money and I hate the thought of chasing to spend my money!
  12. Headless chicken

    Ground source v air source

    For a new build house. Unsure which to go for. Air source is cheaper but not sure I’m too keen on the unit on the side of the house. What’s others experience?
  13. Headless chicken

    Covid and milking

    It would seem that one local bellend has screwed a lot of us over by getting tested on a Friday and going to the pub on Saturday to then receive a positive result on the Monday. This has created a bit of a chain reaction meaning two of my staff members needing to be tested. One who only does...
  14. Headless chicken

    New milk silo

    Sadly we are going to have to bite the bullet and go new. ive asked for prices on fullwood, deleval, exchanger and roka any others worth looking at?
  15. Headless chicken

    Measuring atmospheric limits

    We have planning in for an extension on a dairy shed to increase numbers marginally. We have been asked to run a simulation using the SCAIL system to show our levels of NH3 PM10 and Odour. Has anyone any idea on scale on this? . IE apparently we currently have a NH3 level of 2663 which will...
  16. Headless chicken

    measuring atmospheric limits

    We have planning in for an extension on a dairy shed to increase numbers marginally. We have been asked to run a simulation using the SCAIL system to show our levels of NH3 PM10 and Odour. I am assuming this is something thats come over from the pig and poultry side due to the housed nature so...
  17. Headless chicken

    Underground diesel tank

    Not sure where to put this but can we do this at farm level or is it just petrol stations? if so anyone point me in the right direction please.
  18. Headless chicken

    Mechanic charges

    Windscreen wiper stopped working on our telehandler so I rang the main dealer to come out and sort it. We have got a really decent independent but he’s swamped and would likely need it for a couple days by the time he gets parts etc so main dealer it is. they come out and rectify the fault...
  19. Headless chicken

    Steal and concrete costs for silage clamps.

    Has anyone got a decent guide as to what sort of price we would be looking at to put girders in to hold concrete panels? Unsure on how deep we’d need to be putting them in or what size we’d need. @RWG Contracts maybe?
  20. Headless chicken

    KV mixer wagon belt not working

    Having an issue with our mixer wagon. The conveyor on the front intermittently stops works. Will work no problem if you press the button on the top of the solenoid. Any ideas?

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