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    Cat th407

    Any user views? I've given up hope of finding a decent matbro the same as I have now. So I'm considering a used cat to run alongside it. I really don't want to spend 60 grand a on a handler which is full of things to stop it working. I'm hoping something about 2008 to 2010 might not have too...
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    This year's nroso course

    Who's tried it? I'm part way through. Multiple choice questions. So far can't see an easy way to go back through the lesson text to find the answers so you have to guess if you don't know. Then module two starts with qualifications for cultivator mounted applicators, (new module so more money to...
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    Tm150 NH. Electronic issues.

    This tractor is a peach. Owned from new. Always serviced by myself once warranty was out. Everything works still. Except the Ruddy thing has dementia, the lift loses its memory, so it tries to lift constantly even though it's right up, sometimes it recalibrates itself so you can't get a trailer...
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    Farm held at gunpoint

    Hearing of a farm being held up to gain access to a safe in Kent. Anyone heard anything?
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    Combining maize

    Just pondering this. What's crimped maize worth in the south east? Or dried? Not really interested in foraging it, too many trailers flying around, and not enough of a market.
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    Minimum power line height

    Got ukpn out checking a line which looked too close for comfort when combining. Being told 5.2m is there minimum height. Not very helpful with a combine which is 6.2m with tank open. Can I insist it's raised/buried for safety?
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    Autocast for combine wanted

    30 foot header. So either one or two smaller units to suit 15 foot each side.
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    Top con x14 help please

    My very good friend has purchased a Bateman with an x14 doing section control. We've worked most of it out, but how do you delete the coverage maps and reset the area meter? Any help would be great. Tia.
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    Any clues on where to get plastic bushes?

    Need some bushes, can't source from manufacturer, dealer tried for 4 years, useless. 70mm od, 2-3mm thick, 70mm long, obviously they can be longer and cut down. I just don't seem to be able to find anything. If it was thicker I'd get some turned out of nylon, but I think they're too thin to hold...
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    Wildlife Benefits of dd

    Bloody great beetle in the bean Field. I can see how it's unlikely he'd survive much cultivation.
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    quarter inch hex drive impact guns

    Whats a good quarter inch hex to half inch square drive adapter? I got myself a milwaukee driver, trouble is its sheared all my adapters, and now 3 genuine milwaukee shockwave adapters. Only using it on 17mm nuts so not really stressing it too much I don't think. I reckon it'd strip the...
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    Milling proteins 2020

    How's the proteins held up? My Crusoe is fine at 12.5 + but Skyfall has fallen short at 11.6 to 12.25 ish. Just wondering how everyone else's has faired
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    Calling Massey 727? Cerea owners

    I am in need a of a couple pics of your radiator with a ruler so I can check the spacings of the pipes and fins. I've had mine reconditioned and it blocks with dust every couple hours and overheats. Rotary screen is working, brushes all good, all seals in good order. Just dust can't get through...
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    Mf7278 engine light

    8 flashes. Any clues?
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    Verticilium wilt resistance

    Having dessicated my little bit of osr now, it's evident that there's more wilt evident in campus than Barbados. Anyone else seeing a difference in other varieties?
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    Trailer tyres quote

    I need 3 tyres, plus 1 wheel and tyre. Delivered near Ashford Kent. Thanks for your time
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    6.00 36 rowcrops availability?

    Are there new ones available? Using an old set on a 135 for flailing round arable fields, they're very old and wouldn't be surprised for them to go bang. Be nice if there was a source for new, even metric equivalent would be fine.
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    Does anyone use AliExpress? Will I get credit card scammed?
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    856xl service exchange injectors

    Anyone know of anywhere. Got a local firm, but they're definitely not the cheapest, would like an idea of cost before letting them at them.
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    Radiator repairs

    Any recommendations for a place to do it? I'm Kent based, but realistically expect to courier it somewhere.

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