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    Mycoplasma bovis vaccination

    Are any forum members vaccinating their cattle for this? There was a big article in FW about it recently and I know we have had issues with bought in cattle in the past. What’s the vaccine like? Effective? Easy to administer? Expensive? Thanks
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    Climate change and the adhb

    I'm just going to leave these attachments here. Surely a disgrace that the levy board is not trying to help Uk farmers reduce greenhouse gas emissions by undertaking a research program that we can all use? Peter Kendall et al need to pull their finger out!
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    Nissan Navara

    Hi I know this has been done to death but I have to questions and would be grateful for forum help. 1) What is the NFU discount on Navaras as I can't find it on the website? (It seems to list every vehicle but the Navara. 2) someone posted a link to a dealership in the West Country (Somerset I...
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    Indigoag Anyone heard much about this? Mainly Statesiders are going to have more experience. It appears to be similar to Omnia etc, or have I got it wrong?
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    Calculating carbon emissions

    It appears that the biggest challenge to conventional agriculture in the future is not brexit or glyphosate getting banned, but the steady shift in the food consumption of people in the developed world (those with money and choice) from meat eating diets to vegan and plant based food. I had...
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    TB...Brian May, what’s the answer?

    Dear Brian I’ve heard you spout your drivel about TB on many occasions but I thought on this occasion I would ask your advice. You’ve often stated Einstein’s oft overused and misquoted post that “stupidity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome”. With this in mind...
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    What’s killed this ewe? (Graphic photo)

    Found this ewe at 8 am this morning about 4 yards from the gate into the field Weighed the lambs yesterday morning and then workman walked his dog down the lane at 10 last night and field was all fine. Ewe wasn’t lame or weak so not an easy target. Not had dog trouble for about ten years and...
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    Airband broadband masts

    Hi Has anyone had any dealings with Airband? They have the council contract in our area to install the Govt community broadband scheme. They approached us last summer and negotiations have been tricky to say the least despite using our Expert land agent to deal with them. Would be interested in...
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    28.2 tonnes 0-24-24

    Quotes welcome for a full load of 0-24-24 to WV16 postcode. Delivery early October, payment end of November or December (6-10 weeks from delivery). Blend or compound acceptable, but Product must spread 24 metres. Thanks
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    Hedge cutting derogation

    has anyone been granted one of these yet this August? I applied last year at 13:30 and received an email back at 8am the following morning with the permission. This year I applied on Tuesday and aside from an automated thank you email, I have yet to hear back with a yes or no. Has anyone had...
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    Rules on footpaths regarding Cattle

    i have a footpath which runs down the side of a building and continues straight down the middle of a 16 acre field which is currently in grass. The field in question has direct access to our main cattle shed and is currently stocked with 30 home bred lim X cows and their heifer calves. We have a...
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    After pulling a leg off our old Blench 2 leg subsoiler, I have been thinking that it may no longer be the the bit of kit that suits our needs. In the past we have just subsoiled tramlines, muck piles and land after grass, but a decent machine might persuade us to do a bit more. I've looked...
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    Putting your head above the parapet

    This weekend (until tomorrow) the Flying Scotsman runs on the Severn valley railway and we have opened one of our fields up for the public to come and see it. We opened it up on Wednesday and the radio and Midlands today came along to interview us. Being live on the television was quite a...
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    It must be very difficult to be as stupid as Matt Naylor

    just read his article in the weekly and I am flabbergasted by the moronic sentiments he has published this week. Point 1) big brands spending money on advertising has no relation to the farming sector promoting their wares. Wrong! The biggest companies in the World, who employ some of the...
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    Wanted: 30 continental Bulls.

    I'm looking for 30 continental Bulls, preferably blue or lims to fatten. Ideally 6-8 months but calves will be strongly considered as I am looking for them also. WV16 area. Please pm me. Thanks in advance.
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    Wanted: 40-50 Holstein/friesian bulls

    hi I'm after some Holstein or Holstein friesian Bulls to fill a yard. Preferably 7-11 months old, but I can handle them from 2 months if necessary. Please pm me if you have any available. Thanks Stu
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    Australian superannuation

    Hi I worked on a farm in Australia in 2001/2 and received $603 in superannuation fund. I have never got around to reclaiming this although having looked at the exchange rate this morning, it is worth an extra £125 compared to what it was when I was there. I received a letter this morning asking...

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