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  1. pellow

    Vacuum pump repair

    I’ve just stripped down the pump from our Major 2400 and the oiler has a drive that fits in the end of the pump shaft. The drive is smaller than the slot in the end of the shaft, is there a piece missing? I don’t think it would drive the oiler as it is
  2. pellow

    grass in wild flower mix from my mothers garden n 1kg packs from a garden seed supplier. Can anyone ID the grass please

    My mother has an area of her garden she likes to have a wild flower area to attract pollenators. the attached photo is of a grass that makes up a lot of the plant population on the area. The wild flower mix was purchased from a garden seeds company, can anyone ID the grass please
  3. pellow

    How many amber marker lights required on the side of a trailer?

    I'm going to do the lights up on a couple of grain trailers, I want to be legit and they have no amber marker lights or front corner red/white lights on them. Am I right thinking that they have to have a white light on each front corner? How many amber lights do I need along the sides? Thanks...
  4. pellow

    vibrating roller vs wacker plate

    anyone have any knowledge about the compacting effect of a vibrating roller against a wacker plate? I want to compact some hardcore and would rather use a wacker plate. Anyone have a figures for science of compaction. I've looked on the google and can't much more than opinions Cheers
  5. pellow

    Combine header Preston to SW

    16 foot header on a trailer, Preston to Mid Cornwall or anywhere in the South West
  6. pellow

    Converting sprung axled grain trailer to rigid axles

    I have a 12 ton ACE grain trailer, the springs and running gear is worn out, I'm thinking of welding lorry axles rigid without suspension, has anyone done this? Someone I asked said that Staines trailers are made like this? The trailer does not do much as is used for back up at harvest. The...
  7. pellow

    MF 34 free flow header

    I’m running a power flow header and looking for a free flow header 16 or 18 foot
  8. pellow

    Concrete mix for shuttered wall

    I'm going to build an 8 foot high shuttered wall, the plan is for it to be supported every 15 feet with 6 inch RSJ concreted in the ground, the wall is a boundary and doesn't have any loads against it although cattle may be able to access the area. Can anyone help with advice for a mix, I have...
  9. pellow

    5 tons of cement in bags

    can anyone recommend a supplier for pallets of 20kg bags of cement please
  10. pellow

    JFC feeder with ball valve teats problem

    using a JFC 10 teat feeder with the peach teat with a ball valve in it, sometimes the teat blocks up and the calf cannot draw milk, you have to play with it and it releases the vacuum in the teat and draws milk, I cannot work out why it is doing this, can anyone help please?
  11. pellow

    What number of laying hens triggers mandatory FA?

    I'm going to try some free range hens to sell gate eggs, I have quite a busy road outside the farm, does anyone know the numbers of birds allowed before regulation gets heavy, I'd like to keep 200 birds maybe 300 I know over 50 birds means you need to register as a poultry keeper Thanks
  12. pellow

    Hardi Mega LPZ spares

    breaking Hardi Mega LPZ mounted sprayer, everything except tank and pump available, nice condition 18 metre booms
  13. pellow

    NZ lamb sales to China dropping due to virus

    anyone have information on Chinas demand for NZ lamb? It seems the amount they are importing is dropping due to the Corona virus, its possible they will not take delivery of expected numbers in the near future, possible risk to our fat lamb trade?
  14. pellow

    Missing animal

    I have a friend who has a missing 12 month old steer, its disappearance is unexplained, it seems most likely to be theft, if the animal doesn't reappear what happens with the passport and BCMS?
  15. pellow

    NC 14 ton dump trailer hydraulic cylinders

    Our NC dump trailer rams are leaking around the seals, the rams are welded up units and do not have a cap to unscrew, the seals don't seem to be readily available, NC want £700 per ram for replacements, has anyone repaired one? Getting them apart is not a problem if I can get some seals Cheers
  16. pellow

    British woman trying to save chickens in Morocco making GB look even more stupid out in the real world
  17. pellow

    Politicians posing with animals

    Always comedy gold with politicians holding a farm animal, this week Boris with a chicken but my favorite is Sarkozy with a goat, anyone know any more good ones?
  18. pellow

    5 foot digger bucket for 20 ton excavator

    doesn't need to be pretty, 80 mm pins
  19. pellow

    collars to suit Urban U40 calf feeder

    looking for around 50, or just the transponders cheers
  20. pellow

    Calf feeder, Norwich to the Westcountry

    anyone travelling from Norwich to anywhere in the Westcountry and can carry an automatic calf feeder and 3 stalls? If they come to Cornwall all the better but I can collect from Gloucester down quite easily but Norwich is a fair project Cheers

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