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    750a gauge wheel bearing washer

    Hi. Can anyone tell me if they can buy washers to take up the room in the gauge wheel bearing of the shelf anywhere? I know some on here have had some machined. The washer needs to be 24mm internal, 40mm external and about 2.5mm thick. I can’t find anything from usual suppliers I go to.
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    Linseed flea beetle

    What’s the general consensus? My direct drilled linseed has been in about 14 days and has been coming through the last 4. It’s into wheat trash and only coming in areas where it was drilled into a little moisture at about 18-20mm deep. What it could really do with is 12mm warm rain but it’s not...
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    Delaying autumn drilling problems

    I’m just wondering what the answer is with regard to trying to delay drilling with a 750a on clay for blackgrass purposes. Before I had the 750 I used to have to try to finish drilling wheat with the Claydon drill by 10th October and it was always sticky drilling beans a bit later. To help with...
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    Linseed nitrogen

    My linseed has had 275kgs Double top ( approx 70kgN) at drilling. This was much more than the recommended quantity at that timing but in hindsight I’m glad as the only rain it had since it’s May 7th drilling date was in its first 3 weeks growth. RB 209 suggests it only needs 70-80 kg N but...
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    Scorching spring oats

    Last year I managed to scorch the flag leaf on my canyon oats by presumably spraying Mantra and Corbel on a sunny warm day. This year I’ve managed to scorch leaf 3 by spraying Mantra and Moddus on a dull day. How the hell do you not scorch oats as I want to put something else on the flag next week.
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    Best herbicide for groundsel

    Over the past few years groundsel has taken hold on several of our fields due to use of flunfenacet, dff and pendimethalin products which are weak on it. Now I am finding quite a lot in my spring wheat and spring oats. Not much other blw’s due to low disturbance direct drilling. Anyway what’s...
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    Drills: Weaving - 4000

    Drills: Weaving - 4000 Category: Drills Manufacturer: Weaving Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: 4m wide Weaving piggy back drill. No power Harrow available. It’s an Accord copy with Accord metering. Would fit on a 4m power Harrow with A Fram and through pto. Following...
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    11.2 R32 row crops

    Pair of the above front row crops to fit MF. Open to offers. Suffolk
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    300/95 46 row crops

    Pair of the above row crop wheels. Taurus make. To fit MF. Open to offers. Suffolk
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    14.9R28 front duals

    Pair of front duals 14.9R28 Alliance tyres with spacer and clamps. Open to offers. Suffolk.
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    18.4R38 Duals

    Two sets of 18.4R38 Michelin Agribib duals with spacers but not clamps. Open to offers. Suffolk. Have now found most of the clamps
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    750a gauge wheel soil problem

    I’ve got this problem with my two year old drill. I know a few of the wheels have been bunged up inside the gauge wheel and disc but not all of them. However, most have got soil now between the tyre and the split rim, to the extent the tyre is starting to be pushed off. I have always kept the...
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    Will blackgrass seed be viable if sprayed now?

    I have some stubbles that are due to be spring cropped. I was hoping to only use a dose of glyphosate in the spring pre drilling but have been scuppered. Basically although there were no viable seed heads in the crop harvested in August there must have been some blackgrass in the bottom that has...
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    Linseed hectolitre weight

    Does anyone know what a typical hectolitre weight would be for linseed. My Case combine has no settings for linseed on the weigher so I don't know which crop would be most similar to set the screen and weigher to.
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    Propino brackling

    I'm having a disaster with some Propino Spring barley. I thought brackling was when the ear necked over so much it snapped but my Propino is just kinked so badly i can't help cutting the heads off while combining. Before I bother home saving some is it a problem with Propino or are a lot of...
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    Pea dessication

    Having not grown peas before I was somewhat surprised to find how quickly they were going off this morning. The problem is the field has gravel seams so while some areas have papery pods at least half way up other areas the pods are still green/yellow. The peas are prophet large blues and I...
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    4x4 Vehicles: Nissan - Pathfinder

    4x4 Vehicles: Nissan - Pathfinder Category: 4x4 Vehicles Manufacturer: Nissan Price: £6500 Condition: Used Description: Nissan Pathfinder Aventura. 2.5 Diesel. Automatic. Full leather interior. Full service history. Top of the range vehicle. 120k miles recently serviced. MOT til Feb...
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    What's happened to my oats?

    Just noticed my Spring oats have gone from green to this over the weekend. First time I've grown oats. Is it some kind of heat or chemical scorch? Unless it's a kind of Septoria it's not another disease. Is it a nutrient deficiency? Soil type is clay so not droughted.
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    Linseed fungicide

    Is it worth putting any on Spring linseed? It's dry and the linseed is flowering. Unless we get a lot of rain I'm not sure I can see any point of doing anything in this hot weather. What diseases is linseed at risk of?
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    Milling wheat Urea in heatwave

    What are people's thoughts on milling wheat late urea now that we have excessive heat and crops are probably losing yield. Is it still necessary in people's views or are we losing enough yield in this heatwave so that more N already applied will go to protein instead of yield?

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