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  1. kfpben

    Snowploughing rates

    Did a bit of snowploughing yesterday. We are subbies for a large contractor who have the council contract for our patch. Last time we charged £38/hour flat rate. Too much? Too little? Does anyone else charge differently for nights, weekends etc? Only four hours work this time so no big deal...
  2. kfpben

    Trouble approaching farmers to ask about jobs

    Find somewhere to do lambing as a start. Almost all jobs in a lambing shed are suitable for a 16 year old. I like employing youngsters- they tend not to come with a load of preconceptions and hang ups, and they tend to be a bit cheaper than an older person! If anyone is reading this is...
  3. kfpben

    Your current weather.

    Beautiful day today. Checked sheep on xc skis yesterday. About as much fun as lockdown gets haha.
  4. kfpben

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    I find it strange how more markets don’t have graders. If a small market like Salisbury can employ one surely these big sheep markets can find an old boy or two to help sort finished from stores before sale? At least everyone knows where they stand then.
  5. kfpben

    EU sandwich meat confiscation

    More to the point are we confiscating the vegan sandwiches!?
  6. kfpben

    Levelling Up

    There have been a lot of comments on ‘the young generation’ being a combination of feckless, wasteful, scroungers, druggies, pissheads, living on credit etc etc. All a bit sad if I’m honest. In any case- surely it’s not the kids fault what the parents may be like? Firstly, alcohol consumption...
  7. kfpben

    AHDB Eat balanced TV ad

    That’s fine Paul, just block the abuse. It’s not hard- most companies do it!
  8. kfpben

    Levelling Up

    All valid points and clearly I have no knowledge of your personal circumstances. Many economists think this is the deepest recession since 1706 though, so on a rather different scale of magnitude.
  9. kfpben

    Levelling Up

    Thank you. Hopefully I get extra TFF points 🤩
  10. kfpben

    Levelling Up

    I am not having a ‘meltdown’ I thought I’d start a discussion on inter generational fairness. As the pubs are closed TFF seemed a good place to start. Government policy always transfers funds- from rich to poor, from London to the regions, from the working age population to children and the...
  11. kfpben

    Levelling Up

    Indeed, through the tax and benefits system, not just a cash lump sum. Just to make clear, I don’t really have any skin in this game. I’m 33, no kids currently, no elderly parents. I certainly wouldn’t be expecting any money. It just makes me so angry to see good local youngsters having their...
  12. kfpben

    Levelling Up

    Google tells me there are still 4 million council and housing association homes in the UK.
  13. kfpben

    Levelling Up

    Probably not much. The point remains though- the young and productive and those still in education have made enormous sacrifices to save the elderly from a virus that barely affects the young. There should be a financial transfer down the generations to acknowledge this.
  14. kfpben

    Levelling Up

    Every action has a reaction, and in this case the reaction is devastating.
  15. kfpben

    Levelling Up

    I didn’t say that actually, that was Essex man. In any case the average UK house price is £256,000. A lot of parents don’t have a decent property. A lot are in council houses, rent privately, or are paying off a mortgage on a damp, mouldy terrace in a decaying seaside town. In any case it could...
  16. kfpben

    Levelling Up

    Leaving aside your first slightly ridiculous sentence. How do you provide for yourself if your job is currently illegal to perform?
  17. kfpben

    Levelling Up

    The young are getting the virus, but statistically very few of them are getting seriously ill and even fewer are dying. To them it really doesn’t matter. The average age of a covid death is 82.4. The UK average life expectancy is 81! We are destroying the future of a young generation to save...
  18. kfpben

    Twitter advert

    A union that regularly reports false advertising perhaps?
  19. kfpben

    Levelling Up

    And the young without an inheritance coming their way?
  20. kfpben

    Levelling Up

    The Tories say they want to ‘Level up’ the country. Given the immense sacrifices made by the young in locking down to save the lives of the elderly the first thing the government should do is raise the pension age, cut the state pension, end free TV licences, free bus passes and other...

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