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  1. exmoor dave

    Waterproof jacket recommendation

    Bought my wife a Stoney creek 'Settler' ladies jacket for xmas. She's very pleased with it and it seems like a good coat
  2. exmoor dave

    Most comfortable neoprene wellies

    Pretty pleased with mine so far, Probs abit heavy for hill walking but otherwise good
  3. exmoor dave

    utv buggies diesel or petrol

    Think it was a Sarah I spoke to, mostly about exlanas but also plans for the farm now and in the future
  4. exmoor dave

    utv buggies diesel or petrol

    Dad used to occasionally drop the 5 of us into school with tractor and linkbox..... obvs wouldn't dare do such a thing now 🤔 I imagine your can am to be Pete's ultimate toy 🕶🤠🤣 get to any point on the ranch in a blink of a eye, you'll be needing to get runners fitted to it to glide over all...
  5. exmoor dave

    utv buggies diesel or petrol

    Most likely, did the interview 3/4mths ago so can't remember what i said 🤣
  6. exmoor dave

    utv buggies diesel or petrol

    Fammers weekly.... spaniel on the bike with the collies?
  7. exmoor dave

    utv buggies diesel or petrol

    Been following your polaris experience with interest 👍 trouble would be lack of local dealer, I think the nearest is down the coast in devon somewhere. We've got a excellent honda dealer very local, but the pioneer utv doesn't seem to get a great rep Then a JD dealer a little further on, but...
  8. exmoor dave

    utv buggies diesel or petrol

    Haha! 2 quads in 2 years 🤣 To be fair, she is fully involved in the farm..... and it was starting to look bad her walking around while I drove my quad 🤔🤣
  9. exmoor dave

    utv buggies diesel or petrol

    Realistically how thirsty are these petrol UTVs? (Not gas converted) Thinking of changing wifes quad to something more child friendly
  10. exmoor dave

    Which waterproofs?

    If they are the same ones as I've got, they have a gusseted zip up both legs, which is great for getting them on and off. Only negative is they are quite short in the leg if you're tall
  11. exmoor dave

    TB frustrations.

    No, everything else was fine and we're otherwise clear at the mo, I think the measure must have been close, the vet interpreted as clear, APHA as a IR
  12. exmoor dave

    TB frustrations.

    Nothing near as bad as the OP But at reading on monday, one cow needed abit of extra time being measured, but the vet was satisfied it was clear, not a IR..... less then 24hrs later APHA say it is a IR 🤬🤦‍♂️ Contiguous test, because of some local cows going IR twice in a row.
  13. exmoor dave

    Quick Fencer

    I certainly have made my own machine, it unrolls and tensions wire and barb (on seperate runs). The clamp is hydraulic powered, but also clamps tighter, the more you pull the wire. And will go on the loader or 3pt linkage No pictures to hand though
  14. exmoor dave

    Heptavac P reactions

    What sort of clamp.... combi or powered?
  15. exmoor dave

    Sheep hay baskets

    Made the same here, quite cheap to make up with 1/2" ply and 3mm mesh. Just a fiddly job!
  16. exmoor dave

    Marriage Guidance: Tips & Tricks

    Do not call Maternity leave, Maternity Holiday.... not even in jest 😬🙈😅
  17. exmoor dave

    Marriage Guidance: Tips & Tricks

    Wife is pretty good at picking up when I'm not listening, but still vaguely participating in a conversation...... but I am but a mere amateur 😅🙈
  18. exmoor dave

    Right then. It's fodder rape time. :(

    Just fenced mine to start tomorrow
  19. exmoor dave

    things that make you smile

    Happy Dave
  20. exmoor dave

    Pasture-For-Life beef

    Yeah but you've not counted how many pasties he's pocketed at the exlana sales when you're not looking 🤔🤣🤣

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