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  1. ARW

    JD 7710 lift pump

    Hello fellow forumers Our JD 7710 lift pump is pumping about 70% air, we can’t bleed the system after we gave her a service Has anyone had this before, do we just need an odd part or the full pump? she’s done 11k so I’m not afraid to treat it to a new one
  2. ARW

    Irish setter boots

    I’ve had 2 pairs of these boots over the last 8 years, I’m due a fresh pair for winter, is there any other boots I should consider? I can’t complain about these but they are expensive and the last pair I managed to tear off the hooks while erecting stock netting...
  3. ARW

    Do you cut your sandwiches in half?

    What a waste of time just eat it
  4. ARW

    Painful arm, help!

    At some point my right arm has stopped working, if I have a long day nailing post and rail I am really struggling with sharp pain from my forearm past elbow on the outside of my arm. it’s strange I can move my arm and I have strength but it hurts to grip and is generally very painful, it’s at...
  5. ARW

    Measuring power line height

    We have a fence to set under a power line, we are working on a steep bank an it looks like the line will be to low for us to get the knocker under. How can we measure the height of the line? would the power grid come and do it for us?
  6. ARW

    IOMTT Cancelled Worst news so far! no MotoGP yet this yearI’m suffering with lack of decent motorsport
  7. ARW

    Rubber track idler question

    This is the top idlers on our Protech, the rubber/plastic roller have sealed bearing in them that run on the shaft, they have an external seal and washer/plate, we have had 2 bearings fail and the rest are all rumbling, the washers on the roller have eaten into the shafts as the bearings fall...
  8. ARW

    Bomford hedgecutter hydraulic problem

    Hello Our old buzzard 8 metre has developed an annoying fault, it intermittently moves the head angle on its own, some days it does it a lot some days hardly at all, it only moves it a small amount. Last year we put a fresh joystick in the controls and a fresh wire from the joystick to the ecu...
  9. ARW

    How would you steal a low loader trailer?

    This was our low loader trailer, I overloaded it with posts and set off to the job, half way there the drawbar bent severely, we were on a quiet road between two small villages, so we pulled in onto the verge and unloaded the trailer on to another and left it hoping to slowly tow it home later...
  10. ARW

    Air con help, climate control

    our t7040 air con has stopped working, it’s just blowing air. First I thought it need recharging but she has good compression and full of gas, the air con isn’t clicking in to work. I’ve cleaned out the air filter and condenser, because its climate control there is 2x sensors on the condenser, 1...
  11. ARW

    Duetool- fraud

    Beware of these fraudsters, years ago I bought some stuff off them, a few months later they rang with “great deals” I let the soulless man give his speech and hung up on him, a few days later £300 goes out of my account and a box of crap nuts and bolts turn up, all the sizes you don’t use. They...
  12. ARW

    Postsavers - failed

    Fence could be 7 years old, crap posts, tantalised by a firm we have heard don’t like dry posts as they absorb to much tantalise, so it’s no surprise, however we hoped the post saver would at least do 10 years. Is there anybody else out there with this situation?
  13. ARW

    Re-seal leaky spools

    The trusty old mx is leaking, is this a job I can do myself? Do I just strip them and get new seals or do I have to order the correct seals? If I strip them will they spring into a thousand pieces?
  14. ARW

    We need a hen house

    our chickens were in a loose box in the fold yard but we have moved farms and need a new house for them, what’s the best solution, don’t want to spend a fortune but want get something that will last. Any cunning ideas?
  15. ARW

    Can somebody translate this?

    Found this picture
  16. ARW

    How will you survive if there is no food on

    after a thought provoking conversation with a overweight southern vegan tonight at the pub, How would you survive if the shelves were empty? not much incoming food being imported, worldwide shortage of crops etc, how would you feed yourselves and the family? I think we could survive as we have...
  17. ARW

    JD 7710 wheels

    how do I set the wheels in on the axle? Any tips to make it easy
  18. ARW

    Flushing ewes when there’s no grass

    I normally drop the ewes in fresh growth from the hay fields 3 or so weeks before the tup goes in, however with little to no growth of grass and some ewes are still looking thin. Do I feed them some grain to help them on, I don’t have a 3 in 1 feeder but I can feed it in troughs or run it on the...
  19. ARW

    Low water levels, should we be dredging?

    isnt this the perfect time to dredge out 40 years of sludge from our rivers? Prepare for the inevitable monsoon and create some volume in our rivers? The ea are flooding large parts of farmland locally in the next few years to hold water back from houses built on land liable to flood, yet there...
  20. ARW

    Recommend me a mortgage company

    A residential mortgage lender has no interest of lending to us, the AMC will only lend to us if it’s a over a certain value/size, the bank won’t touch us. Facts are we poor tenants, loosing our place to development, we have a heathy deposit, 3 years books showing good profit, the girlfriend has...

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