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  1. ARW

    ' In' words that grit:

    Sez The fecking news readers even say it. It’s “says” you delinquent
  2. ARW

    Quote of the day

    Great minds discuss ideas Average minds discuss events Small minds discuss people
  3. ARW

    Today at work

    Sandy and stoney, we have been on it since Monday throughout all the rain, it was drying today in the wind, we have levelled our way out and there’s no crop damage as the rabbits have eaten it all anyway!
  4. ARW

    Today at work

    this was what we found on Thursday morning, the river burst its banks and filled in the trench for the rabbit wire, we had to leave it for a day and work on higher ground This was today, what a difference, after 3 days of having to change our wet clothes at midday we were ready for some sun
  5. ARW


    It’s because they realise your a time waster that hasn’t bought anything since the millennium!
  6. ARW

    thinking of buying New holland T7 190 or 210

    We have a new T7.190 auto command and it’s not going to surprise you with power
  7. ARW

    Quick Fencer

    We have a winder upper machine, you can wind up 250 metres of net and make a good job so it can be pulled out again through the quickfencer. It can be added onto most quickfencers, ours is independent
  8. ARW

    what grinds your gears

    Fencing in the rain and your bloody phone rings, by the time I get my glove off and my hand past your waterproofs then out of your pocket your to late Even more annoying is when it’s a next door neighbour just ringing to say that they have a had a package of yours delivered and they will drop...
  9. ARW

    Today at work

    Moved some machines ready for another job, however the weather tomorrow doesn’t look much fun, but we will give it a go
  10. ARW

    JD 7710 lift pump

    Nothing obvious, haven't had time to change the o rings yet either
  11. ARW

    Land drainage Cost

    £1200 an acre all in, 70mm laterals, 150mm main, stone backfill
  12. ARW

    JD 7710 lift pump

    Hello fellow forumers Our JD 7710 lift pump is pumping about 70% air, we can’t bleed the system after we gave her a service Has anyone had this before, do we just need an odd part or the full pump? she’s done 11k so I’m not afraid to treat it to a new one
  13. ARW

    800m Stock Fence

    Yes that’s the problem and with our labour it can soon add up if we are replacing strainers and pulling wire again, then it can cost near as much as a new fence and it’s a horrible repaired fence with poor wire
  14. ARW

    800m Stock Fence

    Yes we sometimes have the odd one get in the wrong pack. We also re-post fences with eco posts, not my favourite job as it’s hard to make a good job
  15. ARW

    800m Stock Fence

    I’m paying same price for wire, £0.85 a metre for x fence or hinge joint I get eco posts same as standard but we are buying a 1000 at time and wire 6000 metres at a time
  16. ARW

    Repairing large steel culvert pipe

    I think pushing a smaller twin wall pipe in is the cheapest long term solution
  17. ARW

    800m Stock Fence

    Eco posts are a waste of time, get the proper X fence wire that fits into standard clipex posts, it’s stronger, pulls tighter and lambs can’t get there head stuck in it. There’s no price difference either so you may as well get the stronger wire
  18. ARW

    800m Stock Fence

    Clipex and creosote are near each other in price so pick your favourite
  19. ARW

    800m Stock Fence

    Maybe 4 years ago!
  20. ARW

    800m Stock Fence

    We are near Malton but I can’t fit it in this month unfortunately

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