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  1. britt

    Farming is Changing

    I've just read the latest DEFRA booklet that came in the post this morning. It all sounds great, I just hope it live up to expectations.
  2. britt

    Sachs Dolmar 116 chain brake band

    As above. Has anyone got a dead saw that they would like to break up for parts.
  3. britt

    Big bag disenser, Raimo or Fledbag

    As title. Advice please.
  4. britt

    Khaki Campbell ducks for sale.

    See "Livestock for sale and wanted" section.
  5. britt

    Khaki Campbell ducks for sale

    Upto 30 Karkhi Campbell ducks (sexed), hatched 1st week of July. £15/bird for 5 or less, less for larger amounts. Price will go up as they get closer to POL (eaten more food). Near Nuneaton. Phone Sam 07794 706567 or PM for more details.
  6. britt

    10ft Shipping container

    10ft shipping container wanted for chem store. Other pre-fab stores considered. Midlands
  7. britt

    POL Khaki Campbels wanted

    As above 10 - 15. We are in the midlands, so can collect from any direction
  8. britt

    Cold store/walk in fridge, wall pannels and doors

    As above. I want to build a cold store into an old building so need panels to fit together and door panels. It's for Christmas turkeys, so doesn't need to be too efficient but needs to look the part. I already have a fridge unit so don't need one of those, but if there is a working or repairable...
  9. britt

    Hen/Duck house,Pig arc

    Pig arc with a door, nest box and lifting strap added. 8'x8'x4'. Wooden floor. This has housed 40 ducks (free range) comfortably for the last few months. If you wish to use it as a pig arc the nest box and door are easily removed. Has lost some galvanizing at the bottom. £190 Near Nuneaton...
  10. britt

    Hen house

    Smiths sectional buildings Haywood 100. 15'x 8'. Upto 100 birds. 2 years old, re creorsoted, Rollaway nest boxs, perches, droppings boards, light, self fill drinker. 4 sliding glass windows, 2 front air vents, 2 large pop holes. 8'10'' wide to transport or can be easily dismantled into flat...
  11. britt

    Millet and canary seed

    As above, grown as close to Nuneaton as possible (but not limited). 100kg by the 25kg bag initially, Can exchange for rye and linseed if you are doing bird seed mixes. I may have some locally grown maize and sunflowers later.
  12. britt

    Shropshire County Show

    We are thinking of going to the above. We've not been before and it's not just down the road. Is this a good agricultural show or just an oversized car boot sale as too many have turned into. Opinions please.
  13. britt

    Bean emergence

    How fast have beans been emerging. I got some drilled this week, but the weather stopped application of the pre-em. Just wondering how long I have ? The linseed that I got in last week has been really slow, 8 days and not up yet, I would have expected 6 days at the end of April. Plenty of...
  14. britt

    Frozen hen eggs

    Collecting the eggs this morning a couple had frozen and split the shells. Can I assume that all frozen eggs split or will there be others that don't show up in this way. If so is there a way of telling if an egg has been frozen.
  15. britt

    Aphid predators

    I have had a recommendation to spray aphids in wheat to prevent BYDV, as I expect many of you have. I avoid insecticides for all of the usual reasons, but it seems this one is needed. So what aphid predators are there about at this time of year that may be harmed ? I don't think there are many...
  16. britt

    Wanted POL Khaki Campbells

    As above, preferably midlands. but will travel further if needed. We are only looking for 15 for now.
  17. britt


    I've been spraying the spring beans for bruchid beetle late at night and early morning as recommended to avoid foraging bees. But surely I am hitting other pollinators that live in the crop, even the bruchid beetle must do some pollination. Does this reduced pollination reduce the yield ? Would...
  18. britt

    ESS pup Midlands

    As title. Working strain
  19. britt

    White lupins

    Aprox 15 tons of white lupins for feed. High protein equivalent to soya. Talk to Soya UK for more details. Near Nuneaton. Can deliver upto 20 miles.
  20. britt

    lift pump for vehicle without one

    I've changed the fuel filter on our car (S MAX) and it doesn't have a lift pump. It's always been a pig to get the fuel back through but this time I can't get it to go and think there may be a poor seal on one of the connections or a split pipe. Is there a pump I can buy to draw the fuel through...

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