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  1. exmoor dave

    Rejections/ mismothering in outdoor systems

    So we've been moving towards a outdoor lambing system for our april lambing flock, This year just the triplets, few rogue suffolks from the early flock and 2T twins have been housed (out in the day). Last year in the main twin group, we got up to about 5% rejections of one twin. With the ewes...
  2. exmoor dave

    Can anyone identify the brand of this log splitter?

    I've acquired this beaut of a log splitter, on the wedge there appears to be the means to bolt on some wings to make it a 4way split, but I don't know who manufactured the splitter so I can set about seeing if the extra wings are available. Any one recognise the Brand? Cheers in advance
  3. exmoor dave

    What are these called? & where can I buy them?

    I've tried "plastic race markers", "route markers", "Plastic race flags" etc etc but I can't find what these markers made of plastic structured like cardboard are called! They are common enough.... but where can I get them?
  4. exmoor dave

    Old magic potion?!

    Every lambing time, the old man and me have the same robust disagreement over the magic potion he inists on giving ill sheep who have the runs. The sheep are of course treated with meds depending on what I think is the matter with them too. Anyhoo.... the rep for the magic potion has long since...
  5. exmoor dave

    Trotter Brown..... the book

    Have just started reading a book on mineral supplement for livestock by a kiwi chap called Trotter Brown. Oldish book and the chap is deceased, so far fairly interesting. @Global ovine @Kiwi Pete can either of you shed any opinion on the book or the author? Seems a character!
  6. exmoor dave

    Random question on dinner etiquette

    Ok bit of a random question But I've been invited to a dinner, to put it bluntly I'm going to be the yocal in attendance, this is way above my usual place in society. I'm not talking aristocrats but the very top end professions of society. The dinner is at the house of the host. Its not a...
  7. exmoor dave

    Will lambs eat the turnips in a stubble turnip crop?

    New to growing roots for lambs, but we had a chance to put a crop in a docky field that needs attention. Crop is a stubble turnip, forage rape & kale mix. Lambs have took to it after a slow start, they eat the leaf and stem no worries.....Although the waste seems horrific...... but they won't...
  8. exmoor dave

    Paint guns for decorating?

    I've got a fair bit of decorating to do in my place and the farm house.......... I hate painting........I really ruddy hate it! Are paint sprayer guns any good? Obviously got a compressor here, but would airless machines be better? A quick glance at screwfix...
  9. exmoor dave

    3m old calf, start on bottle or not?

    As per title I've got a suckler calf who's mum went as a reactor yesterday, its exactly 3 months old. Its eating cake strongly (it learnt while in isolation with mum for 10days) It's got another tame calf (on bottle) as a buddy. Is it worth (or really necessary?) getting it on to milk? Or...
  10. exmoor dave

    Closed or open center diverter?

    I'd like to fit a manual 3 way 6 port diverter on one of the tractors so that I can keep both the hitch and the hydraulic top link plugged in to one spool, leaving the other free for what ever implement is on. Found the diverter I want on ebay, but there's the option of open or closed centers...
  11. exmoor dave

    Who's going to be at the exlana ram sale tomorrow?

    Who's going along tomorrow? I'll be there...... lowering the tone with my exmoorness :eek::LOL:
  12. exmoor dave

    Sea kayaking &fishing

    Any of the TFF masses do any sea kayaking and fishing from the kayak? I've beach and boat fished on &off all my life, farm next to the sea, quite like the idea of fishing from a kayak- I'm thinking more flexible than a monthly boat trip and access to more/ better fish just off the shore...
  13. exmoor dave

    Direct or belt drive air compressor?

    I've gone and blown up sheep handler compressor......It may have been abit under spec'd :rolleyes: New one has to be a 10 bar jobby, which limits the choice abit. Narrowed it down to a couple models One is a direct drive V-twin The other is a belt drive twin cylinder. Is there much...
  14. exmoor dave

    Landy pan rod bush with out a press?

    Need to change a pan rod bush on the Landy, using a polybush would be the easy answer but a bit of research suggests polybush isn't great for the panrod. The OEM bush is one piece, metal inner and metal outer, rubber in between, apparently needs a 10t press to fit it (&ideally remove the old...
  15. exmoor dave

    Would a concreted in RSJ gate post make a good fencer earth?

    Just setting up a mains fencer, before I go off digging in a metal post out side the building and wiring back to the energizer, Would a RSJ set in concrete right next to the energizer work as a earth? I don't know if the RSJ is set in the soil then concrete just on top or fully encased in...
  16. exmoor dave

    From this day forth I declare the welder is old hat

    I do declare the mig-ark combo in my workshop thall shall not see the light of day again....... because I have a new friend :playful: It's fully mobile (y) Compact (y) Needs no power (y) And only the most skillful pro can master it :whistle: Fixed the digger with it today :cool: Liquid...
  17. exmoor dave

    Digger hydraulic track tensioner not releasing!!

    One of the tracks has popped off our 8 tonner (teukuchi tb180fr) It's got a hydraulic tensioner, which is about 2" extended out. So can't get the track back on til the tensioner returns! Should be easy, but I've undone the release valve...... nothing So took the big nut off that the release...
  18. exmoor dave

    Getting Google to remember BCMS log in?

    How do I get Google Chrome to remember my bcms log in details on my tablet? It remembers it on my phone (also chrome) I've cleared my history and it still won't ask me if I want it to remember log in details, But I've tried it on TFF and it asked me straight away if I wanted details...
  19. exmoor dave

    NSA southwest farm walk yesterday

    Any other forum members lurking there yesterday? Exmoor tom and myself we there, excellent farm walk despite the rain, lots to go home and ponder over! If Matt & pip are reading this, thank you very much for hosting such a honest and informative visit! &the pasty & cake was awesome :D
  20. exmoor dave

    Things that make you grin....... workshop special

    Brand new mag drill cutter boring through steel like it's butter. In fact mag drill drilling full stop- boring out 36mm holes in one go (y)

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