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  1. Jon 3085

    Mchale F5500

    Went to use the baler today and the rear door will not open and the drop floor and knives do not move,door did open one time but had no pressure on the gauge.Got the dealer out and they think it’s the valve block where the solenoids are. Has anyone had similar?.
  2. Jon 3085

    Business interruption insurance

    Since our farm has been turned into a dog walking and a children’s Play area I’m concerned about the fire risk later in the summer. Has anyone got this and what would it cost?.
  3. Jon 3085

    KRM fertiliser spreader

    Thinking of buying one of these,3 bag machine and basic controls,how much should I expect to pay?.
  4. Jon 3085

    Fransgard RV-390

    When rowing up hay sometimes the swath divider catches the hay and makes the row lumpy,anyone else have this problem?,have thought about cutting a bit out and making it higher off the ground so not to catch the hay .
  5. Jon 3085

    Spring Barley seed prices

    How much are people paying? Been quoted £370 to £400/ton, spd ,seems a bit expensive.
  6. Jon 3085


    Anybody know how to fix this? Lost the book.
  7. Jon 3085

    Mchale F5500

    Is there any way of turning the buzzer volume down on the control box?
  8. Jon 3085

    MF 6480 error code

    What is error code 94 ?
  9. Jon 3085

    6480 service

    How much should a 1200 hour service cost on a Massey Ferguson 6480 at a main dealer ?
  10. Jon 3085

    Mowing costs

    What's a fair price for mowing for silage by the acre?, 10 ft plain mower.
  11. Jon 3085

    Mchale 550 oil

    Any one changed the oil filter In the oil reservoir for the auto lube?
  12. Jon 3085

    Wheat straw steaming

    Baled some wheat straw behind the combine in round bales , looked ok apart from tramlines being a bit green, carted some and put in barn stacked 5 high,some of them were starting to heat up and a bit of steam ! Any body had any catch fire or will they just go mouldy ,had some before get wet and...
  13. Jon 3085


    Spectacular thunderstorms for Saturday according to BBC weather! Just what we need :(:mad:
  14. Jon 3085

    JB Diego

    Anybody else got JB Diego that is about 4 ft tall ? It had a 2 split pgr (Meteor),starting to lodge now at the roots now and local vermin making it worse! Hope it's not a combining one way year !
  15. Jon 3085

    Old plastic oil tank use

    Been quoted £100 to get rid of old oil tank(split half way up)any good ideas for another use ??
  16. Jon 3085

    BBC news @ Lamma

    Hope they don't make it look like all farmers are all millionaires with all the machinery on show!
  17. Jon 3085


    Anyone else just seen on the news that farmer getting a thousand pound an acre sfp! BBC getting it wrong again :(
  18. Jon 3085

    Cattle yard rent

    How much rent should I be charging for this yard for the winter ?,water and labour included ,silage and straw supplied at going rate and we keep the muck . Shed 80 by 60 .
  19. Jon 3085

    Spalding Nuts and bolt sets

    What does everyone think about Spaldings nut and bolt sets ?,are they worth the money or an expensive way of buying bolts.
  20. Jon 3085

    Accord D L

    What's the best way to remove the rivets in the Suffolk culters on a accord drill ?

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