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  1. glensman

    Constipated lamb

    What do others find the best laxative for a young lamb (4 days old) that appears to be constipated. We've tubed some oil into its stomach this morning, just looking for some alternatives if that isn't successful.
  2. glensman

    Johnes in sheep

    Has anyone on Tff had any experience of johnes in sheep?
  3. glensman


    How long does Noromectin provide cover against worms?
  4. glensman


    We've had a closed flock bar bought in tups for over ten years. This year as we were low on stock we bought in a batch of mules with lambs at foot, now about four or five weeks later, pinkeye is going through our own ewes like wildfire, the mules are unaffected. We've been treating them with a...
  5. glensman

    Ewe; difficult diagnosis.

    We have a three year old ewe about five weeks off lambing, she is carrying two but not heavy and is in good condition. A few days ago she started moping about in the pen while the rest were feeding silage, she is also keen on going for regular sips of water. I gave her a high energy/vitamin...
  6. glensman

    This farming life

    As above, starts tonight at 8.00 BBC2
  7. glensman

    Ford 4000 major problem

    Our Ford 4000 has mixed the contents of the radiator with the engine oil, after draining the sump you can now pour water into the radiator and it's runs straight out the sump at a decent flow. We think one of the cylinders may have failed, do any members have experience of this situation?
  8. glensman

    Footbathing sheep

    What are you currently using to foot bath sheep? I was using formalin yesterday and I hate the stuff and want an alternative that works and doesn't take all day to do.
  9. glensman

    Crovect is it effective?

    As per title, I assume many of you have used it, how effective did you find it to be?
  10. glensman

    Radio 4 15.30-16.00 the food programme

    Why do millennials not cook with lamb? might be worth listening to.
  11. glensman

    shogun sport

    Does anyone know anything about them (reliability, towing ability etc)
  12. glensman

    Best treatment for codd

    I have a couple of lambs with what looks like codd, I treated them with betamox la on Sunday but can see no improvement. I'm going to have them in tomorrow do I go with second betamox jag or is there a better drug for codd.
  13. glensman

    A new hybrid

    Just to create more controversy here's a new hybrid we're developing, they are rouge✖ Texel /charollais (50% rouge 25% Texel, 25% charollais) second from the left in the first pic is a Texel✖ charollais. They are all march born and completely grass reared.
  14. glensman

    a question for @global ovine

    We had a ewe with fly strike today ( just behind the shoulder at the top of the leg) the tup she was out of was struck in the same place a couple of years ago. I would appreciate a description of the fleece type that nz farmers find less inclined towards fly strike, you touched on it on another...
  15. glensman

    foot bathing

    What are others using for foot bathing and what is most effective? (sheep)
  16. glensman

    front right foot

    Has anyone noticed that sheep become lame on their front right foot more than the other three?
  17. glensman


    My neighbour is a poll Dorset breeder he often tells me about Dorset cross mule ewes sold at the may fair, he thinks they would be an outstanding ewe, has anybody any experience of them.
  18. glensman

    codd outbreak

    I have a number of ewes with codd, they are all in the same batch, what have others found to be the most effective antibiotic to treat this. I used terramycin today but have used betamox for codd as well.
  19. glensman


    I bought a rouge tup for the first time last year and overall I am impressed with the growth and quality of the lambs. I am thinking of changing to lleyn ewes and was wondering if anyone had used rouge on lleyn ewes.

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