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  1. ridger

    Fluke in cattle

    Got a report from aphis saying that out of the last 12 cattle i killed, 5 had liver fluke. What is a good dose, preferably a pour on with a short meat withdrawal?
  2. ridger

    Steps to get onto trailer

    Thinking of making things handier and safer. Anyone sell something like this?
  3. ridger


    Why is there no nice butter anymore? So many brands and all so disappointing. For example. I can't believe its not butter, have they ever tried butter? Brilliantly buttery, made with 50% vegetable oil and 5% reconstituted buttermilk. Tastes nothing like butter. Utterly butterly, rapeseed oil...
  4. ridger

    Pottinger power harrow

    Anyone got a set of new one piece tines lying around? Cant keep the 2 single tines on, and will never have another pottinger, bought it because of the one piece tine then they changed them :banghead:
  5. ridger

    Mf 399 lost middle range

    Still works ok in high and low ranges. 12/12 shuttle. What is the likely problem? Selector spring thing that's often talked about would surely leave it stuck in one range?
  6. ridger

    Plastic film instead of net on silage bales.

    Well, I thought that the film was a great job but iv 40 bales left that are a year old and they are not good at all. Would the balerman have put less black plastic on when using the film? I've had ones with net onjthem before for 2 years and they were ok.
  7. ridger

    What does working order mean?

    Bought a sprayer, which duly arrived with no nozzles. It was in bought as in working order. How do you spray with no nozzles? Seller says there was no nozzles in the photos, I didn't notice.
  8. ridger

    Solid tyres for forklift

    Anyone know who would sell used ones for a 3 ton hyster?
  9. ridger

    Tong 3b bulker parts

    Need the 4 coils that take the soil out as mine are worn thin. Anyone got any or sell new ones?
  10. ridger

    Work trousers

    Wanting some new ones, softer material because the skin on one leg is very thin, not a ridiculous amount of pockets, but not like the last ones I bought, where the pockets empty themselves when I sat on sofa. What do I look for?
  11. ridger

    Broken foot

    Well, been over 4 weeks now and seems to be getting stronger but I can't work out if I cant put all weight on it or if I'm afraid to! Anyone any experience?
  12. ridger

    Detachable towbars.

    Fairly sure I seen a picture on here recently of one which had came out, and the horse trailer it was pulling was wrecked. Camt find the picture mo matter what I search for! Anyone remember?
  13. ridger

    Anyone using a Newtec 2000 prepacker?

    Thinking of upgrading from a manual packer to one of these. Do they give many headaches?
  14. ridger

    Feeding cattle intended for grazing

    Just thinking they could maybe do without meal now for the next ten or 12 weeks, they are getting silage, wholecrop, maize and potatoes in equal portions. Mostly dairy bred males around 250 to 300 kg
  15. ridger

    Kverneland plough part

    Where can I get this for the top link bracket? Currently the top link has to be screwed within an inch of its life to plough, then it gets dusty and rains, and is hard to screw back in to do anything else.
  16. ridger

    Sigma loader brackets

    Anyone have a set that would fit a tm150? Have a loader on a 140 but want a spare tractor for it.
  17. ridger

    British potato show 2019

    Anyone going? I haven't been for 8 years and think I need a run out.
  18. ridger

    September second cut

    Long story but second cut will be ready in about a weeks time, any point in an additive at this time of the year? Maybe it needs it more than ever now? Going into a silage pit, going to mow it and leave a few days to dry hopefully
  19. ridger

    Sean coyle show

    The best show on the radio has been axed. I never missed it if I could possibly hear it. Always brightened up my day and he had exactly my sense of humour. What is going on with the BBC, with a arrogant chat show host in the morning who shouts everyone down, then another political show at 12.00...
  20. ridger

    Tong 3b bulker potato grader

    The coils that take the soil out are worn. Anyone do replacement ones? Asked a local dealer and he said to wrap them with blue rope :rolleyes:

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