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    Any Dutch TFF members

    I am trying to find a gearbox for my Holder tractor. Have found a potential one unfortunately its in Holland at Mariahout with a company called De Smalspoorman. Just wondered if any Dutch TFF members know anything about them. I am finding it difficult to even contact them.
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    Claas Magnum

    Any French farmers near Picardie. Been looking for one of these balers for a while but for some reason they only ever have been bought by the French. Is it something particularly wierd with French farmers.
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    Runaway diesel engine.

    My little single cylinder 15hp Holder tractor decided not to start after putting it away for the winter at the end of October. Checked diesel pumping through to injector. Took injector out and wiped superficial soot off the end. When turning over produced plenty of chuffing smoke then after 10...
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    Blocker / Seed Planter

    Flier PP T Holland Horticultural Compost Blocking machine with seed dispenser.
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    Tascol Shore T33e bagging machine.

    Tascol Shore T33e Electronic semi automatic bagging m/c complete with Avery Weightronic controller plus conveyor and bag stitcher. Used for 10kg to 25kg bags for woodpellets, grain , beans, peas etc. offers.
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    MF 550 cab

    Well I have finally got fed up with a single door MF550 tractor cab. Anyone know of any more modern 2 door cabs that can be easily made to fit.
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    Could this be Fallowfield. Certainly has the right qualifications of not knowing anything about farming if the photo of the "tractor" is anything to go by.
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    Anyone else miss Maplin.

    Bulb just gone on my projector. would have automatically gone to Maplin for another but where now. Nowhere it seems left on the high street PC World/ Curries only sell complete projectors. Hate the internet but found a local supplier from where I could collect (insisted cash only) raised my...
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    Liverpool Giants

    Not often impressed but went to see the Giants in Liverpool this afternoon and for the Heath Robinson engineering the puppet mechanics where brilliant. Only downside was the size of the crowds which made it quite difficult to see at times.
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    4wd Manual Petrol

    Daughter is after a new car was quite satisfied with previous Mazda CX5 AWD with diesel engine but now decided Diesel is no longer an option therefore it will need to be Petrol as Electric is not there yet. So very simple criteria must be 4WD, Petrol and Manual gearbox of a size similar to a...
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    Grass seed collector.

    Any budding fabricators around the Lancashire area fancy making one of these. I already have a front mounted brush driven by pto that could be modified.
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    Found an item on German ebay I am interested in. Is it a similar minefield to uk ebay and if so is there any clues in the listing which would make you suspicious. Article number is 20002317. Have purchased on in the past and only had one potentially dodgy deal when they refused to accept...
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    Emergency Register

    Would there be any mileage in setting up an emergency register of specialist equipment which all farmers seem to have. Just thinking of the moorland fires at the moment. If the fire brigade could call on a fleet of slurry tankers with rain guns it might be useful. Or local cattle trucks for...
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    Water down exhaust

    Whats the best remedy to get water out of the cylinders. I have taken the exhaust off and drained it. Just annoyed with the engineer who put my exhaust on and insisted with a vertical cut exhaust it did not need a rain flap.
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    Natural England Weeds Act

    Anyone dealt with Natural England over a Weeds Act complaint. Next door neighbor trying to pinch some land and we have had to go legal to defend. Their now trying dirty tricks by reporting the land under the weeds act for ragwort. Have advised Natural England that the type of ragwort is not...
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    Claas Magnum baler

    Trying to find a working Magnum baler,
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    Alternative to hayzip

    My old hayzip has finally given up the ghost. For the small numbers of acres I do it has been fine for spreading out and raking up mainly hay. Just wondered if anything better is on the market possibly front mounted so that I can rake up and bale at the same time. Baler would be offsett due to...
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    Russell single chop flail mower.

    Any vintage farmers around. My trusty Russell flail mower has collapsed its main flail shaft bearing. In removing the bearing I had to use the universal tool and both the cast iron V pulley and bearing are smashed to bits. I have heard that David Brown copied parts for there own flail. Anyone...
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    Classic Machinery Ring

    Anybody interested in a classic machinery ring. Just thinking out aloud on the back of the comments regarding potato planting using an old fergie planter which I had the parts to convert a ridger into a planter. I have loads of old fergie era kit in the 20-50 hp range which I would not part...
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    Electric start conversion Lister PH2

    Finally admitted I am getting old. Tried swinging the handle on my dumper to start it and its jjust not going to happen. Looking for alternatives to get it going. Convert the Lister PH2 engine to electric start seems the obvious solution but where to start. The dumper could be towed but its 4WD...

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