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  1. MOG

    Lely Acrobat. good working order

    For sale. Acrobat in fair condition for age. I renovated it a few years back to use on some very light conservation grassland. It worked a treat but I only needed to mow it for 3 years so it has been sat around since. Missing half a dozen tines. Bearings all good. No cracks in frame or...
  2. MOG

    Lawrence Edwards wrapper round bale pick-up cradle

    Ideal if yours has broken or you are building a bale chaser. In good straight order complete with pins and correct ram if required. £250 collected from near Abergavenny
  3. MOG

    How are people disposing of old engine oil?

    I am running out of 25 litre containers! There is probably 20 of them around the place, possibly 15 years worth! I have given up trying to take 5 litres at a time to the recycling centre. Surely there is an easier way of getting shot of it. It is not like it can't be recycled is it? I have...
  4. MOG

    Round bale pick-up arm and matching ram

    Will get pics if anyone is interested. I have here the pick-up arm from an older Lawrence Edwards Round Bale wrapper and the ram/hoses that goes with it. Ideal for a bale-chaser project. All in good order, not bent or cracked. Adjustable for size of bales. Would take £300 for it. Located in SE...
  5. MOG

    Sheepdog pup eating everything. Any tips

    Looking to pick the collective brains of you lot regarding my new collie pup. Had her for a couple of months now so she would be about 4 months old. But ever since we have had her she will eat anything. Especially loves sh!t of various types. Normally she can be pretty obedient, but if she gets...
  6. MOG

    Making a pin/bush pivot. What am I looking for?

    Currently designing and buying in bits to make a lifting platform to carry something on the front of an old dumper. Apart from the existing 2 pivot points and the ram end, I need to add several addition pivot points on a parallelogram to keep the platform level. I will be using something like...
  7. MOG

    Adding handrail work lights to a MF 5400 series

    Thinking of adding some extra side facing lights to my 5410 on the top of the indicator arms. They appear to have been an optional extra and when I remove the plastic cover there are 2 unused plugs already there. However, neither of them is powered with any of the the existing cab lights. In the...
  8. MOG

    Bale unrollers for filling ring feeders?

    Now that more and more people are investing in bale unrollers I was wondering if there is a good option out there for filling feeder bunkers/ring feeders while mounted on the 3 point linkage. I don't have a telehandler and tractor would not be man enough for front loader mounted unit, especially...
  9. MOG

    How long before you see one of these down the Mart

    300 mile range and 4.9 tonne towing capacity??? Would be up to the task Shirley
  10. MOG

    Question about concrete pan mixer set up

    earlier this year I bought a pan mixer from PV Dobson (the Green German one). I finally got round to using it the other day. Works a treat as expected but a couple of set up issues I would like a second opinion on. First off, 3 off the "cultivator tine" legs face one direct while the 4th is...
  11. MOG

    Any good deals on electricity as a Micro Business customer

    Just coming to the end of a 2 year fixed contract with SSE. I guess having been tied in to a fixed price we have not noticed the recent price rises. However, the renewal quote certainly makes them clear as everything is going up by 15-20% (Quarterly charges - £24.23, FIT charge - 0.567p/kWh...
  12. MOG

    Recommend me some quality parallel puches

    Got a job coming up repairing my tedder. The whole thing appears to be held together with double roll-pins. Any parallel punches I have ever owned seem to be either the wrong sizes and always are too soft and bell out after a short time making them almost useless. There must be some proper...
  13. MOG

    A new one for me... Dead lamb with extras

    First lamb came last night in this snow. No probs, all healthy. This morning a ewe was straining and looking very uncomfortable and a quick check revealed an ear and a foot. Quickly realised I had only the back of the head so went to try and turn it to be greeted by "that" smell which would...
  14. MOG

    Getting fussy sheep to eat old hay

    I have several bales of 2016 hay and silage left that I would like to get the twin ewes to eat before they are let loose on the best June hay (limited number of bales and they will need it when they come in for lambing). They are still out so finding something to pick at rather than eat the...
  15. MOG

    Best (easiest/cheapest) way to slow down hydraulics on digger

    So I have a post knocker for my 3 tonne machine. However when attempting to get the mast upright using the bucket ram the leverage effect means that even the most tiny inputs on the ram result in massive and fast movements of the mast making it almost impossible to use. What I need is an easy...
  16. MOG

    Big weaned bottle lamb with weak/tender legs???

    A couple of weeks back we weaned the first batch of ten bottle lambs at about 5-6 weeks of age. They were all on creep/hay/grass prior to stopping the milk. No real dramas and they all went out the field with the creep feeder along with a few problem ewes with lambs. Within a few days the...
  17. MOG

    Glas Tir Advanced 2016. Anyone been paid yet?

    Pretty sure we were meant to ber paid earlier this year for 2016. But so far, not a dickie Bird. Not even an explanation, or a form to fill in or anything. Has anyone had anything yet?
  18. MOG

    HELP. What am I doing wrong. Spool valve issues

    Just cannot easily couple anything to any of the spools. x2 DA quick release spools on a 63 plate MF 5410, 1 of which is linked to Dramone Hitch too. It doesn't matter what I do it is impossible to just pop in a coupler to any of the 4 slots. The only way I can do it is to turn off the engine...
  19. MOG

    What are the chances of that...

    We have a ewe that 3 years ago delivered quins on the 1st of April, unassisted, all uniform, all survived. 2 years ago the same ewe had quads, also on the 1st April, so we kept the ewe lamb from the litter. This year, today, again April the 1st, that yearling has just dropped 4 small but...
  20. MOG

    Weight block. Any recommendations!

    Simple things really. But never had one and lifting some heavy bales today thought I probably should. 5410 Massey with 1 tonne loader. So what sort of weight would be enough? 400 KG? 700? 1000? How heavy is too heavy. To be fair 99% of the time it is only moving big bale silage, hay and straw...