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  1. ACEngineering

    Any Vets on here? got a cat with gallstones!

    Are there any Vets on here please? The much loved family kitty is rather poorly, She's at the local vets and turns out she has gallstones! there are some smaller ones she will hopefully pass but there is one big one she wont, they say if the big one stays where it is and she can pass the smaller...
  2. ACEngineering

    LED work light opinion for van?

    Looking at ideas for roof mounted LED for the van, got 2 on the back and one above the side door. Looking at something like this as its low profile. MUST be well sealed, good stainless fixings, probably best suited with one bolt fixing? and ideally hollow bolt to save drilling a second hole in...
  3. ACEngineering


    Am I safe to plant a few runner bean plants out side yet? There up to the top of kitchen window now and really need planting out?
  4. ACEngineering

    Steam cleaner high pressure chemical kit

    The Low pressure chemical injector has stopped working on my Nixon steam cleaner, is there a injector i can replace it with that will allow me to use chemical on high pressure? plumbing in to the suction side i dont want to do as it will knacker the pump maybe not straight away but in time it...
  5. ACEngineering

    Compact tractor

    Asking for a friend. Any cheap compact tractors about? about 25hp ish or there abouts? maybe something like a Kubota B7100 size or slightly larger?
  6. ACEngineering

    Ouse and Cherwell

    Just had a random email claiming to be from ouse and cherwell with a PDF attachment, Not opened the attachment cause i'm not a member of ouse and Cherwell so didnt think i could be paid through them? Well have to call the office tomorrow i guess.
  7. ACEngineering

    Bobcat engineer wanted oxfordshire

    Got a very good customer of mine I do his 3 telehandlers but he keeps nagging me to do his Bobcat skid steer and it's not really my thing! Needs a service, exhaust and for some reason pulls to one side. Is there any Bobcat engineers around want a job? It was bought new from RF haydon but they...
  8. ACEngineering

    Pivot steer handler OX15 to YO22

    1 x Redrock pivot steer handler with bucket, muck grab and pallet forks to collect from OX15 near banbury oxfordshire and deliver to YO22 Ruswarp near Whitby. PM me if your able to help.
  9. ACEngineering

    Perkins Smart Cap

    No idea of cost but looks a handy way to track hours and due services for multiple machines? I think I read some were you can track location too??
  10. ACEngineering

    Anyone into Remote Control Cars Hobby?

    Any members in to Remote Controls cars, trucks, truggies, boats or flying things as a hobby??? Recently bought this for me and son to bash around:) Its quite fun really, I have to turn the speed down for little lad he's only 7 and 30kph plus is a bit too fast for him:ROFLMAO:
  11. ACEngineering

    Local independent Agri Engineers

    Getting fed up with turning good work down here. Now seems a regular occurrence. Any other local engineers i know are the same! So if your independent agri engineer covering oxfordshire and or nearby counties and roughly know your way round manitous let me know! Or maybe we could have a...
  12. ACEngineering

    Whats this MF water hose???

    Does anyone recognise were this MF/Agco water hose comes from/fits? Part number 4383589M92
  13. ACEngineering

    Iveco/Fiat 8045.25 rocker cover needed

    Does anyone have a scrap 8045.25 engine with a rocker cover like this? part number 99452321 Breather has worn very loose in this one and fiat changed the part number to a new style but it does not fit as it hits the turbo plus the breather on the new one is plastic so will melt anyway. Fiat...
  14. ACEngineering

    Old simms fuel filter cross ref - Help

    Anyone know a cross ref for this old simms fuel filter on a Nuffield 460? Never seen this style before? Dads never changed it and he bought he tractor about 20 years ago:ROFLMAO: just been washing it out but its about knackered(n) There is a number on the filter of A98003 but don't seem to be...
  15. ACEngineering

    Gearbox: Manitou -

    Gearbox: Manitou - Category: Gearbox Manufacturer: Manitou Price: £1250 Condition: New Description: Brand new Manitou 90 deg angle gearboxes. Part number 224053 Suits MLT 629, 630, 634, 730, 735, 741 120 LSU machines. Images: See the full size images for this listing...
  16. ACEngineering

    Kramer telehandler

    Customer interested in purchasing a used or possibly ex demo Kramer. Something like a 750? Not familiar with Kramer model numbers but needs to be about same size as a Matbro TR250 or slightly smaller, Central boom etc if anyone has such a thing for sale or knows of one for sale please let me...
  17. ACEngineering


    Okay not quite farming but someone on here I'm sure will have the answer to my problem I hope. My lawns front and rear are full of ants, (red ants) there is so many you can pick any spot on the lawn take the turf up and they are there. Was hoping to spray them with ficam W but conflicting...
  18. ACEngineering

    Garden shed 8ft x 16ft

    Looking for a decent garden shed. Dont really like the look of most o have seen on market and ones i do like are too expensive. So thinking of making my own any one got some plans for a decent pent shed?
  19. ACEngineering

    Ebay JCB 525-58! fake add

    Hello please do not bid on this JCB its a fake advert. This was my landlords JCB that I sold a few months ago to chap in Bedfordshire. these pictures are ones I took when I had it up for sale...
  20. ACEngineering

    Large Socket needed 56.4mm? imperial?

    Got to buy a large socket to undo the main pivot bolt on a Strimech shear grab. Got to be a socket no spanner or stilsons will get near it, I measured the nut as being just over 56mm some thing like 56.3 or 56.4mm? (digital veneers so should be accurate) Would they have used a imperial...