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    Ploughing Match Results

    Class 3 had just one judge. All the other classes had 2 judges one at each end. £1000 raised for charities which are the air ambulance and a donation to Don Woodhouse's travelling fund to the World Ploughing match in Kenya.
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    Six Nations

    Apparently Richard Ingram has won the Six Nations Vintage Mounted and Peter Carmen was second. Congratulations to both of them. The match was today in Southern Ireland.
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    Ashby YFC match results

    Ashby YFC would like to thank everyone who supported our match on the 4th of September. We had a good attendance and some excellent ploughing despite the chopped straw. We decided to chop the straw as the field was standing wheat on Thursday and we dare not drop the straw in the swathe in case...
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    Reversible ploughing start, not European.

    After a long debate in the pub over this and everyone getting more confused can someone settle the argument. How do you chaps do the opening for a parallel ploughing reversible class (not European with butts)? Do you start by turning 1 furrow towards your lower numbered neighbour as a split to...
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    Ashby YFC match

    On behalf of Ashby YFC I would like to thank everyone who attended for your support, I will post the £ figures when I have sorted out the few expenses, busy combining at the moment. Does this work, is it a good idea. thought it would save a lot of the scramble to see the score sheets at bigger...
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    Wholecrop Barley value

    I have a neighbour who has asked me if I would be interested in selling him 50 acres of wholecrop barley. It is a nice even clean crop which I would expect to yield in excess of 3 tonnes per acre if combined with a good length of straw. Could anyone give me a rough idea as to the price I should...
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    The Society of Ploughmen

    Just out of general interest I wondered how many of the people who read this forum are members of the Society of Ploughmen. A further point of interest is what percentage of ploughmen from tractor club level to national qualifiers do you think are members of the Society of Ploughmen.