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  1. Danllan

    Best WW2 film?

    I'm not a fan of 'war' movies in general, but I've a soft spot for many of those about WW2 that were made during it and a decade or so after. My favourite is The Battle of the River Plate, what's yours?
  2. Danllan

    Best filler for concrete gaps?

    As in the title; tried several and not impressed, anyone have a brand they've used for some time and are still happy with? TIA.
  3. Danllan

    Crop areas...

    Interesting... Areas HARVESTED Comparison 🌿 (Real Scale) - YouTube
  4. Danllan

    WTF has happened in Scotland?

    Hope we are all familiar with the SNP's ongoing campaign against freedom of speech, best exemplified by the conviction of a man who trained a pug to do a Nazi salute - this was an obvious joke and during the trial the utter f^ckwit of a Judge said that context did not matter if it was...
  5. Danllan

    Decolonising Leicester University

    :ROFLMAO: :banghead: :unsure: :( Anger at Leicester university's 'decolonised curriculum' plans - BBC News
  6. Danllan

    Sputnik Vaccine

    It's now a goer. I'll admit that I had serious reservations about it because I don't trust the Russian authorities at all; but it's now been used and reviewed by reliable org's and it seems to be entirely reliable in itself. Good on the Russians for getting it to work so well, perhaps they'll be...
  7. Danllan

    Dr Ursula von der Leyen

    There are rumours circulating that it was she herself who made the big cock-up on Friday, and for a particularly unworthy reason. Setting aside the reason, if it is demonstrated that she pushed it through (seemingly against the advice of some) is she the sort of person fit to be in charge of the...
  8. Danllan

    UK to join the CPTPP?

    The application to join is being made. Currently the organisation accounts for >13% of world trade and consists of Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. If we succeed in our application to join, the group's proportion of world trade...
  9. Danllan

    Charity begins at home? (Vaccine poll)

    The current situation over in Europe raises some obvious moral questions as well as political ones, so...
  10. Danllan

    Council Tax refunds because of CV-19?

    We've had to do a lot of home schooling, not used roads as much, sports centres etc. and I guess it's been the same for others. So should we be getting some money back, or just accept it as a necessary price?
  11. Danllan

    Will we and Chris Packham and Co. agree about grey squirrels?

    It looks like there will be a national effort to feed oral contraceptives to grey squirrels. Native red squirrels don't do anywhere near as much damage and, of course, evolved alongside our native trees; once the greys are down and when the reds are once again widespread it will be interesting...
  12. Danllan

    Governments - UK and France etc. etc.

    Once again trying to set aside the bitching and politics... are they all peopled by idiots? I had a Skype chat with a chum in France last night and, in passing, he mentioned his lot's latest rules on travellers to France and Covid tests. I was ignorant, so checked what he told me - not that...
  13. Danllan

    This section has become rather repetitive and boring recently, so...

    Bearing in mind how it has been, how it is and how it is likely to be in the foreseeable future, would it be a good thing for the rest of the World to isolate China - while it is under the dictatorship of the CCP - rather that to continually 'humour' it?
  14. Danllan

    Andrew Neil's 'GB News'

    He's back... having been dumped by the BBC for being too competent and objective, he has managed to get the finance together to start a new 24hr news channel. As I've written before, I don't 'like' Mr Neil as a character, but that is irrelevant; he is a very good journalist and interviewer who...
  15. Danllan

    IAE AG gates (extending ones)

    I was told last week, by my local IAE stockist, that they had some new 'extending' gates and panels in stock (see bottom), and he thought they would be of interest to me. He's right, they are, and I'll go over and have a look at them soon. I don't know the prices yet, or the build quality, but...
  16. Danllan

    Argentina de-criminalises elective abortion up to 14 weeks

    Just had a brief chat with a friend in Argentina, he lives and works in Buenos Aires, but is from the rural West. We'd agreed to chat today some time ago, but until he mentioned it I was entirely unaware of the big news in Argentina. He is, by most measures a social liberal, but he's also a...
  17. Danllan

    Just a reminder to EUrophiles...

    You have and will continue to have an absolute right to travel to and to live indefinitely in an EU country, without any need for a visa of any sort. You will still have the right to vote there in elections, the right to receive all benefits and services on the same basis as the nationals do...
  18. Danllan

    Tony Blair is a demonstrable ****

    This dishonest, warmonger, wanted for war-crimes internationally, is now a self-declared expert on immunology. Despite its own creators and every national medical authority telling us that the Pfizer vaccine requires two doses, Tony Blair has said that it would be better to give more people one...
  19. Danllan

    'Modern' Heston weights (barley straw)

    I've not had anything to do with large square bales for a long time. Last time I bought some they were, from memory, around the 500kg mark. I'll be getting some in the New Year, so had a chat with a friend last night about price etc. and, when I said it was a bit steep, I discovered my current...
  20. Danllan

    Brexit is bad (no gammons)

    Because it is.