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  1. Muddy Boots

    NVZ record keeping

    I’m losing the will to live trying to use “Planet”. What works and is easy to use. I’m not big ( 80 acres )but have arable and beef.
  2. Muddy Boots

    1.5ha non SDA BPS entitlements

    Easy to transfer via RPA website. Available to claim 2019 onwards. £150
  3. Muddy Boots

    For sale Albutt sheargrab

    1.3m Albutt sheargrab. Very good condition. Tines straight and tight. No rust on rams and no leaks. Frame good no welds. Greased and sharpened,ready to go. Cuts very well, leaving a good face. Currently on chilton brackets. £1000 with brackets £900 without
  4. Muddy Boots

    Cyclists. Again. Again.

    This is the second time I’ve had a cyclist want to inspect the front of a tractor that I’m driving. Coming back through the back lanes after tipping a load of dung,went round blind bend and cyclist going way too fast and bounces off my front wheel and falls in the hedge. I managed to stop he...
  5. Muddy Boots

    Is it April 1st ??

    :scratchhead::banghead::banghead:I kid you not. The driving test is now going to include a section on your knowledge of how to use a satnav!! Here is the kicker though. They are dropping the reversing round the corner test! Many can't reverse as it is.
  6. Muddy Boots

    That's nice,just before Christmas.

    :mad::(Joy,now I'm in an NVZ. More regulation. More record keeping. Something else I could do without.
  7. Muddy Boots

    Fearne Cotten on radio 2

    No,no,no,no,no,no,no. Nuff said.
  8. Muddy Boots

    Hospital food!

    Right, I'm in for the foreseeable and two meals in I'm pleasantly impressed. Lunch was egg and bacon sandwich with ice cream to follow. Ice-cream was made by local farm/ice-cream manufacturers. Yes not in fancy packaging but that's fine. Tea omelet mash and veg. Tasty. Pudding caramel sundae...
  9. Muddy Boots


    There I am sat in the tractor writing spray records and mulling over the usual contortion of getting the gps antenna off the roof which usually means one foot on passenger seat ,the other waving around in mid air and a precarious finger hold on the roof hatch. My older tractor was easy as...
  10. Muddy Boots

    Cost of putting power lines underground.

    I have asked Western power to put 1span of 11kv lines under ground. It supplies my farm and a bungalow that is in different ownership but that is allied to the farm. I had the guy out last year and discussed with him various options for new supplies to our campsite and the burying of that span...
  11. Muddy Boots

    Balls up

    Time for a new thread where you air your cock ups to fellow TFFers. They may not grind your gears or make you laugh but be guaranteed someone will have a better one than you and you won't feel such a t#%t. I'll start the ball rolling . Turned out the first bunch of bullocks today with help of...
  12. Muddy Boots

    IH 454 seat

    Just bought a 454 and the seat feels too high. We used to have the 60 hp version with the 165 engine and I don't remember the seat being that high or suspended in any way. Can anybody confirm my suspicions. TIA
  13. Muddy Boots

    How do I get this off.

    Just bought a ih 454 with a quicke 2560 loader on. I think I'm missing the legs to take it off. There is this frame on the loader but it doesn't seem enough. And these holes look like they receive something I'm sure somebody must have had one. Thanks in advance
  14. Muddy Boots

    Severe change in forecast.

    Off I go cutting late this morning having checked forecast. Baling Sunday first thing,chance of rain from 6pm. Come in for lunch,forecast now heaving it down all day Sunday!!! Wtf
  15. Muddy Boots

    People with paddocks.

    Why do people with little bits of ground think that you would be interested in cutting their grass and baling it. It's usually full of weed,probably got hidden trenches and detritus from when they converted their part of heaven,got access no wider than 9ft with over hanging trees that if...
  16. Muddy Boots

    Smart phone for ag use.

    Thinking of coming into the 21st century and getting a smart phone. Possibly thinking Nokia lumia entry level but is it tough enough. Don't need to many whistles and bells just the option of uploading to tff,a screen that can be read outside and it to be relatively tough. Needs to be able to...
  17. Muddy Boots

    Pottinger mow-co any good?

    As above,looking at a 10yr old 2.65m HED. Going to put on a McCormick MC130 on 16.9 tyres. Got some steep ground to mow across. Have heard they are quite heavy. Anything to look out for? Other option is 2.4m lely £500 cheaper? TIA
  18. Muddy Boots

    How to kill ivy? Should be in general I know!

    As the title really. Is it a case of glyphosate plus something or is there another chemical that's better. Thanks in advance. Ps how do I move it to another general ag thread?
  19. Muddy Boots

    BBC News.Whats happening in the UK?!?

    Is it just me or is anybody else tired of seeing what's going on outside the UK ie Syria,Ebola,Ukraine etc etc.It might be interesting to find out what's happening in the UK for a change, not the national stories even, maybe a regional roundup of each regions main story.