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    Horsch Taro 6m mounted disc drill

    I believe they have power disc coulters, are these any good for dd and moved ground light and heavy? Looks like a good set up, wonder how well it would work in the wet. They are a similar set up to a trailed one minus the front discs?
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    Best feeding/bedding machine to hold 3 tonne of clamped silage?

    As above, perhaps could do with a weigher on it as that is what we are used to. Looking to swap our old Hi Spec diet feeder used for fat cattle and suckler cows. 3t capacity max as feeding different groups. How well do they mix if at all when adding concentrate? Could put a weigher on Jcb...
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    Cover crops versus cultivation

    Apparently there is an article in the DDer magazine issue 12, page 91. Trialled for 6 years so far. Cultivation comes out on top giving £125 ha return over cover crops anually even for spring crops when cover is growing for longer. Blackgrass control was no better than stale seedbeds and if...
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    Needed toy grain drill Siku or Britains 1:32

    Hi, I've been looking for either of these makes and struggling to find a grain drill 1:32. Some models £100 which I refuse to pay and don't know if they would fit a Britains tractor. Bruder make drills but are 1:16 Ordered all the other farm toys including ton bags to fill the drill which I was...
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    Folding Combination powerharrow/drill 5m or 6 on Puma 240?

    Interested to hear peoples thoughts, there is a chap on youtube running a Kuhn 6m with a weaving tine on the back and behind a New Holland T7 245 I think. 1.5t hopper on the front balances it well. The New Holland is one down from a Puma 240?
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    Too late for drilling wheat with a Claydon?

    Not drilled any with the Claydon this Autumn, will put the winter beans in with it hopefully. With afew days dry weather and untouched stubbles considering trying the Claydon on some 2nd wheat, perhaps if dry enough tickle through with a spring tine first? Concerned this time of year with water...
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    Spring Beans Sample

    Results came back today for spring beans. Only a couple of samples Moisture 16% Admix 0.40% Bruchid10% and 11% Stains 5% and 6% Holes 11% and 10% Haven't grown them in years and not spoke with my trader yet. Are these going to end up as feed or would they make human consumption?
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    Hi I don't post much on the livestock threads, we have had started to have some trouble with cocci this last month in the calves. We run sucklers and the calves are outside with their mothers on grass. About a month after turn out (early April) we had one with it(died) and since had another 2...
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    Break crop for heavy clay land with blackgrass?

    Osr is getting harder to grow obviously and control black grass, infact osr failed on these fields and has been planted with spring barley. What to grow on it next, spring beans maybe?(growing some this year after a few years of not) Grass for 2 years to help with blackgrass control?(not ideal...
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    Trimble ez steering platform/boss off a Massey 7718 part no 78100-34-RS

    I bought the steering system 2nd hand off a neighbour and this has been taken off the motor as I need one for a Case/Steyr 175? Price £250
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    Pressure washer fixed in one place(or partially fixed) for ease of use!?

    After putting the pressure washer away again, cusing about dragging it back in the shed and rolling the bluddy awkward hose up has anyone got one positioned on an outside wall in a locked cabinet etc with any easy system of rolling the hose up? So you can just go to it turn it on pull the hose...
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    Kramer KT 276

    Hi has anyone bought one of these telehandlers and are they happy with it? I am having one on demo this week, looking to replace our old Jcb 526 and dad wants something lower (to get in and out of) and slightly smaller now for cattle sheds etc. The kramer is lower and runs on 20" rims with the...
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    Trimble autosteer

    Hi does anyone run a trimble auto pilot system on a Case Styer cvx tractor and how do you get on with it? Could do with a 2nd hand one along with some hen teeth?(y)
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    Carre Penterra S Drill

    Does anyone know a dealer for these, looking at the narrow knuckled over carbide drill points to see if they would fit my Kuhn Megant. Thanks
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    Rolling Winter Wheat

    Has anyone started rolling winter wheat as yet, I have been holding off as night time temperatures have been very low to freezing?
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    JCB 526-56 loadall, 40k ideally, 109hp and tool carrier headstock

    Looking for one with no more than 5000hrs on
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    Case Puma cvx Tractors

    At what model do they go to the longer/longest wheel base? The 175 looks to be shorter? Only looking at 175 or above. Would like the highest horsepower on a shorter wheel base than the 240 which we already have.
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    Frontier to blame for holding the OSR price down?

    OSR is currently around £320 with demand out stripping supply in the UK easily, importing large boat loads from abroard mainly Canada is holding the price down. Neonics dressing still used over there. I have never dealt with them and don't think I will to be honest.
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    Linkage mounted early rapid lift

    There was one advertised on here for sale a while back 4m folding, can anyone remember who was selling it? Has anyone got the one of the early ones that went on the link arms and towed a drill etc behind? Thanks