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  1. yellow belly

    RPA playing about with system logins PITA

    The Rpa have now stopped me logging in from 2 devices what a right pain this will be usually log in on I pad to look up fields and maps while using the pc to edit the details of cropping why change it it was better before
  2. yellow belly

    how much wheat still to plant

    i keep reading and hearing about farmers who have been unable to plant the early planting intention survey says 1.776 million has if there is some acres that would normally have been planted by now will the area of wheat in may be less than 1.776 million planted 100% of intended although one...
  3. yellow belly

    regular use of kerb and crawler repeated use of kerb and crawler conditions the soil to break it down quicker is this a possible reason wheat rape rotation leads to more black grass looking in to crawler use on winter linseed and came across this
  4. yellow belly

    bps status 2020

    Claim validation
  5. yellow belly

    2020 steward ship payment

    Current status final checking is it too hopefull that we get paid before next June
  6. yellow belly

    roquette corby to close

    take a lot of wheat
  7. yellow belly

    mcdonolds chicken nuget face mask

    mcdonolds chicken comes from thailand they need pressuring into sourcing uk chicken grown with uk grain
  8. yellow belly

    Round hole sieves

    Any one use them now for small seed crop. Borage. Linseed or canary seed what size we used to have a rape sieve in the 70s
  9. yellow belly

    Flat face coupler seals

    Any one know a supplier for seals for the flat face type Sparex do one for the standard coupler but I cannot find seals for flat face couplers Or is a new coupler the only solution Combine flat face header coupler are specific and expensive
  10. yellow belly

    Drought buster

    How To bust the drought all combines out on the yard spout out header on cab door open Keys in ignition barbecue for next Friday Inviting one neighbour and relayed on zoom This week all talk on tff about the impending lack of harvesting And how the dryer will be redundent and all the fuel...
  11. yellow belly

    gates stolen

    had a pair of 10ft gates stolen
  12. yellow belly

    stewardship 75% on account payment

    has any one had any yet for 2019 payment year
  13. yellow belly

    AHDB planting survey

    the ahdb have estimated that the area of wheat will be 1.5 million ha with 290000 still to plant 200000 of that is spring wheat using their figures and 7 tonne for winter yeald and 5 t for spring gives 9 million tonnes wheat I would guess to get average of 7 tonnes per ha from 1.3 million ha...
  14. yellow belly

    planted crop condition

    adas hgca crop condition report does this reflect the crop your see in you locality round here in my back yard of what is planted only see 5 fields that can be classed as good although a month late the rest is poor and when you...
  15. yellow belly

    Distinctive tractor stolen

    Had 2 tractors stolen one is a nholland t7 with a bonnet with no decals on could be easily spotted with a 2.5 tonne concrete block
  16. yellow belly

    Tractors Lincs stolen

    Last night had 2 tractors stolen from a shed near the a1 in south lincs 1 a nholland t7 200 with loader And front linkage damagesd roof also has a bonnet with no decals and a 2.5 tonne concrete block weight mounted on the 3plinkage case puma 145 with loader brackets
  17. yellow belly


    e10 in the news No brainer wheat surplus converted to road fuel plus high protein animal feed in times of surplus wheat Then when there is a low yielding year food shortage are reduced In 20 year when all transport is electric the the U.K. and the world will need every acre for food The...
  18. yellow belly

    Hydraulic coupler seal

    Looking for a flat faced coupler seal of a Cnh combine header coupler new unit from new Holland Round seal with square profile blue Not an o ring seal Any one know who supplies these type of seals Not wanting to bin an other good coupler Tia
  19. yellow belly

    too many honey bees

    the bee farmer on my farm is struggling to keep up with his bees he is getting 12 to 15 swarms per day they swarm when there is an excess of worker bees I am getting very irritated because every report in the media is that bees are struggling and endangered in my view and the bee farmers...
  20. yellow belly

    Swath pickup header

    any one got one