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    JCB 3cx 4WD from Chester to Hereford

    Any one quote me on this . Easy load unload
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    Kverneland accord exacta HL fertiliser spinner

    Anyone got one are they any good ?
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    Fertiliser spreading

    Do you need any sort of certification to apply fert for someone else using my machine . I.e. does it affect their crop assurance?
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    Early cut

    Got 12 acres of westerwold grass planted in Sept not grazed . Decided to let the patch go to a friend for spuds to help him out . Needs to be cut and baled by 12 April . What fert and when would you put on to get maximum grass ?
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    ELLwood farm machinery

    Anyone had any dealings with this company ?
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    Just wondering how you make your tea . Teapot every time for me . Never a teabag in a mug . Am I the odd one out ?
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    JCB 531/70 fault

    Been up feeding the cattle when suddenly the loader won't go up or down , it won't crowd and the third service doesn't function . I switched off and left a few seconds and away it went . 20 mins later same thing and now it won't go at all .....any suggestions Advance warning .....I am not in...
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    Wow !!!!

    Have just seen the BBC report on the London hospitals coping with Covid . Top marks to these medical staff . How on earth do they cope ?!!!!
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    Let's hope it a good one 🤑
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    Angus heifers

    Got 6 heifers could do with going to make space . Not tested so AFU only . Would fatten quite quickly but getting desperate for space ( can't get them tested till end of Jan ) 17/22 mths named sires .. pm only please .
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    Metal detector

    A lad advertised on TFF 18 mths or so ago looking for ground to detect on . Thought I would give him a chance so let him cover some 'off lying' ground till I could see what type of person he was . Turned out a real nice lad and eventually let him come down to where we live . He has found some...
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    What do you say when .....

    The OH ,last night, suddenly said .." why don't we sell up and retire and enjoy the rest of our lives "
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    Nightingale hospitals

    Sorry if it's covered in another thread . We don't hear much about them ....are they still in use ? Are they full up ? Anyone know ?
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    YFC cash crisis

    We had a copy of 'The 'Farmer' through the post today Headlines read YFC is facing a£1m cash crisis. When I look at the YFC clubs around HFDS I struggle to see a cash crisis . All the members seem to be dressed up in the latest 'country wear ' which wouldn't have been purchased in Primark (other...
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    Green oak house

    Been in our house 3 yrs now and the frame has moved quite a bit . I'm well aware that it will continue to move for a few more yrs yet . Question what have others used to fill in the gaps that appear between the frame and plaster etc etc .
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    Michael Gove

    Just watched Michael Gove on the Andrew Farce show . Very impressed with the way he handled the questioning . Never been a fan of his since he was environmental sec but he is beginning to sound like a future PM . Anyone else think this ?
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    Weaner pigs

    Looking for 2 or 3 weaner pigs not too far from Hereford .....not pot belly ,mini or any other such things ! Must be gilts or castrated males
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    Range Rover Evoke

    Any one got one ....anything to look out for ....are they any good ?
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    Mitsubishi pick up stolen

    My pickup truck stolen last night . House broken into keys taken hook and pickup gone White L200 Reg number. HG63 FRF .
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    Trumps campaign .....

    With Trump now having to isolate how will it affect his campaign it Joes chance ?