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  1. YorkshireAndrew

    ‘Taking the knee’ .

    I’m just watching Match of the day & wondering how long the ‘taking of the knee’ is going to continue , quite sometime I would imagine as stopping it it would probably be considered racist .
  2. YorkshireAndrew

    Weeks/MF trailer

    We have a Weeks/MF 7t trailer , would anyone have an idea of a value for this please ? It’s identical to the photo , possibly of interest to an MF collector .
  3. YorkshireAndrew

    Waterproof insulated work gloves .

    I spend all day outside in winter & I’m struggling to find a good pair of gloves which are waterproof but also keep my hands warm , any suggestions gratefully accepted .
  4. YorkshireAndrew

    Farm , country jobs I’ve never done .

    I was thinking the other day about machinery I’ve not driven or tasks I’ve never done . Some examples, I’ve not driven a combine, a telescopic forklift , a JCB or similar digger or operated a tractor hedge cutter . Let’s have your never done tasks .
  5. YorkshireAndrew

    Muddy footpath .

    We have a path through the middle of our land which gets very wet in the autumn/ winter time & today I received an email from a village resident . I’m presuming that as long as the path is passable then we’re in the clear on this one .
  6. YorkshireAndrew

    Nicknames .

    While I was at secondary school I was known as Womble , then when I started work & we all had cb radios in our tractors my name was Reckless Rat after the rodent in the song by Captain Sensible , I’m still called Reckless more than 30 years later . I’m listed in my wife’s phone contact as in the...
  7. YorkshireAndrew

    Laptop advice please .

    We’re looking to buy a new laptop , any recommendations would be much appreciated . I’ve seen on another thread about desktop ones a company called ItZoo selling fully refurbished ones , presumably these would be an alternative to new .
  8. YorkshireAndrew

    Subsidised dining out , thanks Boris .

    We ventured out earlier in the week to take advantage of the £10/head discount on meals Monday-Wednesday , the pub we went to said trade was unbelievable . Quite a few of the tables normally in there had been removed to provide distance between diners so we felt quite relaxed about the whole...
  9. YorkshireAndrew

    Mid tier - don’t panic !

    The RPA have now extended the deadline for mid tier applications until August 31st as long as you inform them before Friday July 31st (tomorrow) .
  10. YorkshireAndrew

    Better weather ahead ?

    Apart from drizzle today & a little rain on Monday , all the forecasts I’ve seen show a good week ahead - unless anyone can tell me different . [emoji849]
  11. YorkshireAndrew

    Old farming/countryside dvds .

    In the current situation we all find ourselves in my elderly dad obviously can’t socialise like he used to so I’m going to buy him some cds to watch whilst he’s home . Any suggestions would be most welcome , possibly some Jack Hargreaves ones would be a start .
  12. YorkshireAndrew

    Anyone know these chaps ?

    This photo was posted on a Facebook page a few days ago , it’s a long shot but I wonder if anyone can put a name to any of these faces .
  13. YorkshireAndrew

    We’re in the wrong job .

    I see that Ed Sheeran’s world tour has grossed nearly £360m in ticket sales , fair play to him , I’m thinking of a career change .
  14. YorkshireAndrew

    Welger round baler spares .

    I’m looking for a supplier of Welger round baler spares for our baler . Any suggestions gratefully received , thanks .
  15. YorkshireAndrew

    What’s colour is this ?

    I see this bucket as one colour but several people see a different colour , I’ve probably got bad eyesight though . [emoji849]
  16. YorkshireAndrew

    Burns night & haggis .

    Myself & my significant other half have been invited to a Burns night tomorrow evening , does a haggis taste as bad as the ingredients would suggest ? I’m considering being vegetarian tomorrow . [emoji849]
  17. YorkshireAndrew

    Your pen name - just for fun .

    Listening to an interview with an author on my local radio station this week when she was asked how she got her pen name , “I chose my first pet & my mother’s maiden name” was her reply . Mine would be ‘Chester Hutchinson’ , which I reckon is darn cool . [emoji849]
  18. YorkshireAndrew

    Short term car insurance .

    I was wondering if anyone on here has ever taken out this insurance for just a few days ? Any advice & recommendations welcome . Thanks .
  19. YorkshireAndrew

    Snowflake dog walker .

    Three weeks ago I caught a villager walking her dog around a field next to one we use to graze livery horses in the winter . I pointed out the error of ways & told her to keep to the footpaths as people & dogs in places where they shouldn’t be can & do startle animals not to mention the chaps...
  20. YorkshireAndrew

    The truth about vegans .

    Dispatches on Channel 4 now , should be a good watch .