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  1. davidroberts30

    slurry nutrient values v bagged

    anyone got a easy way to work out the costs for slurry to the cost of bagged
  2. davidroberts30

    slurry storage costs

    how much would a 1500cube store cost? tower? concrete tank? earth bank lagoon with liner?
  3. davidroberts30

    shed costs for beef cattle

    how much would a loose house shed cost to house 140/150 cattle? what sort of size is needed?
  4. davidroberts30

    Juko beet harvesters

    Just rummaging around google and seen them What are they like? Are parts still available ?
  5. davidroberts30

    slurry bugs

    anyone use them? thinking to try them in my 700cube lagoon gets cubicle scrapings and a little straw off the beds in it does formalin affect their performance or kill them off? what sort of cost per cube? do the bugs digest the straw? any fertility benefits to treated slurry?
  6. davidroberts30

    buying online

    if I buy a something online I thought my contract was with whomever I payed and was invoice by? I've recently bought something that works but 1 of the items in the kit doesn't work so the package isn't 100% I've contacted the seller via email as they don't have a contact number :banghead: they...
  7. davidroberts30

    Domestic wind turbines

    Now theres no FITs do small scale turbines stack up now? Got a 4kw solar on the house which works well bar this time of year when it hasn't done 1.5kwh today but the wind has been blowing well and got me thinking a 5kw turbine would do well! Isn't very often we dont have sun or wind? Would...
  8. davidroberts30

    volume washers......again

    im setting up a washdown system here and need to take the water 50 meters from the tanks and pump to where the washdown hose will be i was hoping to be able to use about 25meters of 25mm washdown hose to reach all the yard, so potentially 75meters of pipework a few years ago i dropped a 32mm...
  9. davidroberts30

    Hummer Electric 4x4 with claimed 350mile range
  10. davidroberts30

    Mounted or trailed sprayers

    Pros and cons for each please Got a 12m mounted at the mo but want to upgrade to 20m
  11. davidroberts30

    Pto wide angle joint rattle

    What causes them to start rattling?not real bad but enough to wear the guard Both Uj's are fine with no play Both Uj's seem to be meshing together properly Shaft is straight and slides easy 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  12. davidroberts30

    western power access for repairs

    had a visit and survey done last year on the pylons here and they need some repairs. now I'm not going to stop them access but I want it on my terms as there's crops in some fields last time they installed a line of poles things were agreed then they did things differently:sour: so left with...
  13. davidroberts30

    3meter direct drill

    anything about to do grass seed and stubble crops
  14. davidroberts30

    Spring tine seeder harrows on stubbles

    Would spring tine harrows like an einbock or opico sow stubble turnips into stubbles or would they block up with trash?
  15. davidroberts30

    mf 7400 front suspension accumulator pressures

    as above, anyone know what pressures are in the 2 accumulators? mines gone hard with no load on the nose, fine with the mower on so assuming the lower pressure 1 has gone
  16. davidroberts30

    kuhn mh6401 tedder center wheel rims

    as above after a rim which i think is 7 inch wide by 6 diameter tyre that fits is 220/50-6 holes in the center for the bearings are 62mm
  17. davidroberts30

    Heavy dew v rainfall

    How much mm of water would a heavy dew leave on grass?
  18. davidroberts30

    Google homepage thanking farmers?

    On Google's homepage today it says a thank you to farmers and farm workers
  19. davidroberts30

    cancel sky sports

    if you subscribe then go online and pause it till this is all over it will take a very long time online so bear with it there is no live sports
  20. davidroberts30

    Apple trees rabbit damaged

    Neighbour has a lot of trees about 8 to 10 year old , rabbits have chewed the bark off right round Will they survive/be any good again? Chewed up a good 20 inches