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  1. jh.

    Fuel price tracker

    It won't imo. They got caught out with stocks last year but now I think it will go same way as fags and alcohol and be a constant upward trend to the highest we can stand
  2. jh.

    Twin disk pattern adjustments

    Does your Kuhn manual show the single pass test using 5 trays ?
  3. jh.

    winter oats

    My storm sown canyon spring oats are still holding on . Tempted to leave some of them to take right through to harvest now. What happens about royalties tho as technically the seed was never harvested and was never off the heap
  4. jh.

    Difference in 4ft to 5 fy rounds in rough weight

    Folk have given the answer but a few years ago I baled for a livestock place . They had a straw bedder so anything decent was done in 4 foot that could be rolled out by hand if wanted . Anything a bit rawer was solid centre 5 footers for the blower . I was shocked how much faster I could bale...
  5. jh.

    Manitou 627 blowing fuse 8 for transmission

    Mine was wiring for the dump button on the gear stick. The wire runs down through the centre of gear lever and was shorting where it comes out. Can't remember if it was fuse 8 that blew or not as was a while ago now
  6. jh.

    Ford Ranger 3.2 engine rattle when cold

    My 2018 3.2 has been a bit slow to start on any minus° days this winter and a bit knocky until warm. It's actually booked in for wednesday as still under warranty. This morning it started and idled lovely but then after a few miles the spanner came up and it's dropped into limp mode . Called...
  7. jh.

    WN Lindsay sold to Simpsons Malt

    Is that the quartile deal . Looks like it's a 4 way split . 25% at 170 , 25% 150 , 25% spot and 25 at a quartile linked price to spot .
  8. jh.

    In furrow ploughing on 710s

    I tried a set on the overum but found it increased slip on heavier ground as it had sliced the wall off into the furrow bottom
  9. jh.

    Ploughing with 710tyres

    If your on strong land it's 20.8s you need .
  10. jh.

    Ploughing with 710tyres

    I have an overum xl. One tractor on 710s and another on 650s . I can actually get it making a better job on the 710s as they have a narrower track . The 650s are out at 80" so the outside walls are out further than the 710s at 74". I have also used a couple of KV ploughs on number 28s and...
  11. jh.

    Combine and tractor replacement policy

    Doubt it will be half of every farm but Lee does have some less forgiving ground so it might be an option for many hecs imo
  12. jh.

    It’s official. Ploughing is good for soil OM!

    We had to spring plough some heavier fields last year as simply couldn't move the plough in the wet winter . Plough fully closed in , power harrow on stand by and tried a few times before finally going approx 48 hours after the plough , this seemed the right time for not being too raw but before...
  13. jh.

    John Deere reducing dealerships

    Anyone heard what brand amphillip are getting in perth and glenrothes. They lost Kubota to HRN at end of January
  14. jh.

    The "I`ve got it" thread...

    I saw on here that some of you watch this chap . 21min ish mark
  15. jh.

    FYM weight

    Is dung ever consistent enough to bother weighing? Carting with a 14ton grain trailer here ,had some loads hitting a hill , down to under 10kph and other loads over 18kph. Strawy dung up back wall compared to around a feed ring or trough was the difference
  16. jh.

    Agents’ cheery outlook post-BPS

    I wish lol Maybe no subs full stop and we make it work or die. I just used 500 acre as a base as below that a farmer could possibly do with support to have "outside the family" full time wage/wages coming out and keep some folk in jobs . If big is efficient they shouldn't need subs towards...
  17. jh.

    Agents’ cheery outlook post-BPS

    Haven't read all replies . Maybe gov be better scaling all the big farm's back . More smaller kit keeping the dealers going and the staff in work rather than on the dole . How about no subs over 500acre holdings. Say a 1000 acre farmer isn't going to get sub but can split the farm between 2...
  18. jh.

    Row cleaners

    The theory of the inverted T is the disc can still hairpin but the seed is planted to the side
  19. jh.

    MF 6485 stuck on full revs

    Used to use a 58plate 6480 that sometimes went mental after washing for a few hours . It wouldn't run flat out all the time but revs would jump about with presets flashing on and off and changing them itself . Once it dried itself out it was fine until the next pressure washing
  20. jh.

    The "I`ve got it" thread...

    I think the police should be spraying all 400 of these idiots with blue dye to warn the rest of us they have been fannies