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    EU vaccine role out.

    Did he mean a third dose of the same vaccine or a updated version ? Of course a third dose will help their profits very nicely, if it's an updated version then I can see that happening every year like the flu jab
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    UK Census

    They wont need to do another one, the little chip in the covid vaccine will give government all the info they need, heard it from a bloke down the pub .
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    EU vaccine role out.

    That was printed five weeks ago, latest research shows the opposite
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    WTF has happened in Scotland?

    As you say the levels being reported, but as we all know often what is reported is not accurate. IF there has been any law breaking then those doing need bringing to book, if contracts were given out to people who said they could supply but didnt and all the money was returned then no gain was...
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    Security posts.

    Fold over ones are only any good if you have some really good concrete to fix them down too, a holiday flat block we own one in were having trouble with parking one owner used a fold down one, was backed into the first day and pushed right over, we used a slide down one no issues so far.
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    WTF has happened in Scotland?

    Putting stuff out to tender in times of emergency leads you to the EU vaccine cockup, too much talking too many opinions instead of jfdi, there is a accepted system in the UK to allow gov6to bypass the normal tendering process in extreme circumstances, there is of course a need to look back...
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    Shamima Begum cannot return to the UK, Supreme Court Rules

    She knows once back in the country human rights laws mean she cant be sent back .
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    WTF has happened in Scotland?

    He was found to have acted unlawfully in not releasing details of contracts in the allotted time, very different from what you implied.
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    Where will the Dutch go?

    We are about 48 metres and a road in town is called bythesea road, all one word, perhaps they knew something back in the day
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    Goodbye Britannia!

    Glad to see you agree with the rest of my post.
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    Goodbye Britannia!

    On a serious note I know no one who hates the Germans although I'm sure a few do and perhaps they have good reason if they or their family suffered at their hands, I have had conversations in the past with people living in the Alps that have told me they know a lot if French people who do hate...
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    Goodbye Britannia!

    I get the feeling she doesnt like the UK.
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    WTF has happened in Scotland?

    He is a slime ball of the highest order, he always seems to have an unpleasant smirk on his face, he and NS are worthy of each other
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    Princess nutnut

    Cant be much worse that Margaret becket or Cunningham
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    footpath width

    Every single path we have cross fields apart from one and they would have to swim the river if that one did, we have maps going back to 1700 and fields haven't changed, the paths go A to B the fields are shaped other reasons
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    Is Boris Banjaxed?

    Not as bad as Ted heath was or I've ended boom and bust brown.
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    Covid Vaccine Roll out.

    It's what sweden did, the problem us the press and opposition use deaths as a stick to beat any government with in five years we will be better able to see which way was best
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    Is Boris Banjaxed?

    Who would have thought that blair would be so badly remembered these days, at one point many thought he could walk on water, early days for Boris, it could go either way yet and many will never change their minds regardless
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    Best WW2 film?

    The longest day
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    Permanent muck heap

    I've been running a livery for over 20 years, all with full planning etc, never had an inspection yet