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    When every farm had a stackyard

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    Amazing stuff in the attic

    As said, I've found lots of historic documents going back as far as the 1930's, some of which I hope to share on here.
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    TB testing and buying cattle

    This may have been covered before but can cattle be brought onto the farm between testing and reading? and if so do they need isolated?
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    Overwintered Stubble

    I keep hearing of payments for this, is it something that is part of a stewardship scheme, something that's coming in with ELMS or is there a stand alone payment?
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    Packham and Co appealing the Badger Cull decision?

    Is this true? I saw a headline that suggested this but couldn't read the story.
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    How long after Castration

    Do you need to keep a bullock away from heifers?
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    Tom Heap

    he was on a programme on Monday about how our eating habits have changed during Covid, we have plenty of circumstantial evidence but I would be surprised if the BBC wanted to tell everyone we are eating more meat, did anyone see it and what did they tell us?
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    English Auctions, Scotsmen and Welshmen

    Anybody care to explain the rules regarding travel to England from the above Countries? I imagined there were restrictions in place but not certain. Scots and Welsh travel to English Auctions, I assume they are regarded as key workers and are exempt from the rules?
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    Harvesting Willow

    Are there no restrictions on timing for this? happening now but if a farmer wants to flail a hedge on 1st March he has to do a site survey. No way a survey in willow could identify bird nests effectively.
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    Laminitis in Bulls

    Any suggestions on what to do with 2 bulls with laminitis? They are on an ad lib barley ration and are a decent size. In the past we've castrated the odd one and turned them out to grass, we got them away but they never got fully mobile again. These two are probably too big to castrate so...
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    Somerset Levels

    Anyone got an update on the situation now? It came to mind with the weather at the weekend and I wondered if all had settled down now and why.
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    Daily Star methane figures

    The Star today has 15 'facts' about cows, one says that cattle account for anywhere between 18% and 51% of global greenhouse emissions, we all know how true that one is, but they also say that cows produce around 500 litres of methane a day which seems a hell of a lot. Can anybody give an...
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    Longtown Auction

    Nothing to get alarmed about but if you are travelling there from Carlisle direction check your journey before leaving as the bridge over the river in Longtown is closed completely after a vehicle damaged the wall, this is separate from the damage that has caused it to be single file for the...
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    Veganuary Figures

    A piece in the paper today saying that the 350,000 people expected to do Veganuary will prevent 41,200 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, the equivalent of 450,000 flights from London to Berlin. It will also save the lives of a million animals. Now these are undoubtedly...
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    Farmers Guardian Vegans

    The Farmers Guardian FB page had a nice story about a 20 year old cow recently, and as is often the case vegans from around the world swooped in to insult/abuse anybody who had anything positive to say on the subject. In this day and age if you even play a song with the lyrics untouched people...
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    Hedgerow Restoration Applications

    Has anybody who applied for the above had word on whether they have been successful? it's getting towards time for starting work and still no word.
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    Selling a little piece of brownfield to a neighbour

    We have a small piece of land that a neighbour has asked us about selling, it's just about 50 sq. m. where a shed used to stand which is of no particular use to us but the neighbour would add it to his yard. It's just an eyesore really with the remains of the walls still standing but it would...
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    Patching up winter barley

    We put a couple of fields of winter barley in just before the weather broke badly and have 2 or 3 acres that are looking a bit thin due to waterlogging. Is it worth my while to walk along throwing more seed onto the surface on these bits to thicken it up or would it need to be covered?
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    Unannounced FA visits

    Had a letter today from a firm warning that this was being brought in and offering a Pre-Inspection Health Check to make sure you will be compliant should you be inspected. They are offering one health check per year and will attend the Farm Assurance Audit. The fee is £65 per month plus VAT for...
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    Sad News

    Harrison and Hetherington have today announced the death of David Thomlinson. A legend in the Livestock industry, he will be sorely missed.