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    Highways Act 1980,Section 31 Part six is there a downside?

    I intend to create a pernissive path round the farmyard to provide a pleasanter and safer experience for walkers than going through the farmyard. I wanted to divert the right of way round the farmyard but apparently that would cost eieventy billion pounds and they cant do it because of Brexit...
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    Natural Regeneration - Does it fit anything?

    After some serious thought I have decided I would be willing to allow 40 acres out of 180 to go to natural regeneration. Its all extremes of soil types and would buffer and straightnen the edges of watersourses very nicely leaving me with the easier working land in nice square blocks, amenable...
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    On vehicle battery trickle and boost unit.

    I have been searching for a commercially available unit to permanently install on my sprayer and permanently wire to the battery. It needs to plug into the mains when parked up, switch it on and it keeps the battery trickle charged. Then when I come to start the sprayer it needs a simple boost...
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    Personal Carbon Credits

    Now here’s a thought. There’s all this fuss about what my cultivation techniques and livestock do for global warming but consider this. I’ve had no kids, so from me that’s zero carbon dioxide production going forward once I’m dead other than the cremation maybe. It’s not neutral, it’s zero, due...
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    LB85 160 Turnover Mechanism

    Not really a project but a question. The photos show the end of the turnover shaft and the turnover arm / end plate removed. The slots in the end plate are fretted so it’s almost impossible to keep the end plate tight on the end of the shaft. It always seems to end up without 1/4” of slip...
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    4 m wide single gang Cambridge Roller

    I need one to tow behind my power Harrow mostly to squash the bit down in the middle and leave it nice for drill in one further pass on the ploughing when it’s dry. And to tow behind my MF30 sometimes. You never see a single 4m wide Cambridge roller unit. Is there a reason for this? Is it too...
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    To dual or not to dual

    Is it better to squash down half the width 2” or twice the width 1”. It’s pretty wet so anything run on will suffer. The eradicators will dig out my wheelings to some extent. Also they are big heavy barstewards that are an utter pain to get on and off, and often seem to be at the back of the...
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    Are Carrier Tine Drills any good?

    Been offered the use of one. The old Carrier drill not the Vaderstadt model. Do they cover the seed? How many hp for 4m? will it go any better than an MF30 disc drill in damp conditions on ploughed ground? Will it bring up too much ploughed down turf? What sort of cultivation would be best in...
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    Bateman HiLo Flotations 6 hole.

    Looking for the above. Set of 4. With Goodyear Terra Tyres or similar. Tyre size 48 x 25.00 - 20 NHS Thanks.
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    Feed Barley, Wheat and Oats

    Part loads left over. Anybody local interested? About 10 tonnes feed wheat. About 10 tonnes feed barley About 10 tonnes feed oats. All dry. Quality assured. Prices on the day, and negotiable for quality and load size. Available for collection Market Rasen area. Weighbridge nearby. 07906...
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    Down on the farm programmes.

    Another skewed view of what real farming is all about. Seems to be lots of them on channel five. They aren’t farms, they are animal rescue centres. Funded by charity or big disposable income from elsewhere. Unsustainable economically and environmentally. Sentimentalising the job and moving...
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    MF30 Fat Wheels

    As above. We have 11/12.4 x 28 tyres on 9" rim width. I really need the fatter tyres but can't remember if these also need wider rims. Anyway, if anybody has got a set to sell, i'd be interested.
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    Militant here on Earth.

    We aren’t really are we? We know our place. People say jump. We ask how high? For how much longer will we be pushed around and accept being had over a barrel?
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    Iveco Engine Fuel Injector Pipe

    Unfortunately I sheared an injector pipe off at the compression joint at the pump trying to undo it. Rusted up. Right in the back and though it was turning but it wasn't. Its an 8065.25.820 in a Renault Temis. Will such pipes still be available and if so from where? There is a short length of...
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    Power Harrow Combis, Are they really any good?

    As title. Are they any better than an MF30 drilling onto power harrowed ploughed land after its dried off a bit? To me the weight on the back of the tractor looks horrendous and the dainty little suffolk coulters don't look up to the job. It looks like a steam roller closely followed by smear...
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    Cooling bins

    The biggest pain with my continuous flow drier is cooling and conditioning. At the moment I have two 10 ton radial blown bins. They work extremely well but have flat floors so have to be hand shovelled out if changing crop type and have to be hand levelled at the top as the roof isn’t high...
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    Fruity Smell in Grain Shed

    In the year that just keeps on giving I can smell something like fruit in the grain shed where I store the wet grain ready for drying. It’s not much over 17% at the most and I have been all over it with the spear but can’t find a hot spot or a hard area. The drier has broken down of course and...
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    Farming from March to September Only

    We are thinking of giving this a try. Nothing but spring combinable crops. Alright we won’t make a fortune but might have less of a bad time all round and we can work off farm for a 6 months clear run. Change is as good as a rest and all that. At the moment the year just seems to drag on from...
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    Bird seed rat problem

    A couple of years ago we had some very late combined spring barley here next to a village. By the time we got to it it was hooching with rats and the villagers weren’t best pleased. What’s to say all these bird seed mix plantings won’t also become hooching with rats when we move into ELMS? It’s...