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    Sudden loss

    Not sure how to find words today. My Father dropped down dead yesterday, no warning. One moment he was walking with mum and the next he was gone. Finding a strange comfort in watching the softly falling snow today Keep safe
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    Propane fittings

    I presume I need an adaptor of some sort to connect this type of coupling to a regular propane cylinder? Anyone know what it is called?
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    IHT implications of putting holiday units on land you have not yet inherited....

    My wife would like to set up a holiday accommodation business.. what complicates it is neither my wife or I own the land. I farm in partnership with my aging parents but the ownership of the farm is outside the partnership and lies in the hands of my parents. Having been caught out before I am...
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    Chainsaws, trimmers and pressure washer found.... Shropshire

    A collection of 4 saws, hedge trimmer and pressure washer have been recovered thanks to an accidental discovered of a cache left in a Mid Shropshire wood today. I would be delighted if I can assist with their return to the rightful owner/s. Most likely taken and stashed in the last 48hours.
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    McConnel PT9 topper blade carrier removal

    Seized the gearbox on our topper :banghead: Am I correct in thinking once the castellasted nut and split pin are removed under the blade carrier then the blade carrier should be free to drop off? Its stubbornly refusing to let go.
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    JD6630 Hydraulic Failure

    My JD6630 hydraulics have quit. I realised it was a bit low on oil tipping the trailer when it went to alarm mode and wouldnt move until I lowered the trailer. Having dropped the trailer I realised it still held 1/2 load of muck so I tried tipping it again and nothing, no power steering, no...
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    Market Harborough to Mid Shropshire

    Any quotes for shipping a 2m by 1.35m, 550Kg grain bucket...
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    John Deere 6630 Wing PTO switch

    I have a problem with a exterior PTO switch on our 6630, its seized solid. I think it is the reason why the PTO doesn't always engage when operated from inside the cab and annoyingly causes the PTO to disengage mid fert spreading or at some other awkward moment! As I don't have need for the...
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    Red Tractor Grain Passport Stickers....

    For anyone like me who did not read the details from red tractor and are waiting on new grain passport stickers... they aint coming anytime soon.. There is now a system to allow you to print validated grain passports from the red tractor portal... but you need to be registered on the portal...
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    Have you or do you know anyone who has been unsuccessful with a Mid-Tier application? Have you had a FG2 grant?

    Mid tier is supposedly competitive and scored on various criteria including value for money. I am considering a considerable a fencing capital grant, equivalent in size to my total 5 year payment, this will surely dilute my points per pound value of my application... I am just wondering just...
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    Who wants a flock of ewes and lambs....

    You can have them! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Also wanted.. replacement ewes that respect fences.
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    4.00-8 Wheel with tyre and 30mm bearing (aka wheel off an old Cook bale slege….)

    Before I spend more on the sledge than the sledge is worth... anyone got one of these lying around. Those in my own scrap collection are all either too big or too small! :rolleyes:
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    Scumbag Gallery

    These lovely lads with Irish accents out robbing farms in Gloucestershire 1/5/2020. Apparently it is bring the kids to work week too.... :mad:
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    Big Ben Brexit Bong How Much!!!

    Its apparently going to cost 1/2 a million to reinstate the clapper to ring Big Ben to announce Brexit day at the end of the month :scratchhead: If we really need to ring it.... I suggest they pay my travel expenses and put me and the family up in a nice hotel for the weekend I am happy...
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    £2.05 net profit/ewe

    I know the numbers in sheep production aren’t great but only £2/ewe and that is before we potentially loose a chunk of EU sales post Brexit, before BPS is slashed and after recent and future wage increases :scratchhead: Future for high input sheep production certainly looks bleak!
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    Fake crown court bailiffs…

    So just had an interesting withheld call... apparently crown court baliffs will be arriving today but later than we originally expected them... except we have had no communications from the courts or prior notification and were not expecting them.... After a bit more questioning I...
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    Home saved seed Charged VAT on Royalties but no VAT on cleaning and dressing??

    Looking at our seed cleaning/seed dressing invoice... ( for seed that is going to have to sit in the shed for a year :banghead::banghead: ) Have been charged VAT on BSPB Royalties but have not been charged VAT on the seed dressing and cleaning? Can anyone explain that one or have my seed...
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    lamb skins and guts found near Loughborough, do you recognise the tag or have lost store lambs in that area...

    reposted from facebook "A friend of ours had found a dumpy bag full of lamb skins and guts (Suffolk x) on the lane between Stanford on Soar and Cotes, Nr Loughborough. These are not our lambs but...
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    Borehole water Pseudomonas aeruginosa

    Just had the results of our annual water test for our borehole Whilst we always have undetected levels for these in the past we have a count of 10 for Presumptive Coliforms in 100ml and >100 Presumptive Pseudomonas aeruginosa in 100ml... Is that at a fail level for private water supplies...
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    Once Whitehall gets control... livestock to be slaughtered at nearest abattoir..

    So much for a Brexit bonfire of legislation, a tsunami of new rules is on its way ?