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    Blood sucking ahdb

    Who can remember the most famous butcher of all - Fred Elliot. He had a butcher's shop in South Manchester which was viewed by billions of folk, numerous time a week throughout the UK and further afield. Behind the counter, in full focus, was a large poster extolling the virtues of Welsh...
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    Tagging new inside born lambs

    It would save on tags if you only tag those which you don't want to keep as replacements. But if you select replacements on the 4-2-1 system, you don't need to tag anything!!!!
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    Advice - selling ewes with lambs at foot

    Luck money should only be given as a token of thanks. £5 to £10 per beast or £5 to £10 for a pen of 50 to 100 lambs??? It is certainly appreciated by all buyers, and I know for a fact that some buyers are reluctant to attend marts that are stingy with luck money - not for financial reasons, but...
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    Advice - selling ewes with lambs at foot

    An ideal number at auction is 12 to 16 ewes WLAF. That helps those who only want a few to bid, and it certainly doesn't stop bigger buyers. Lot them on age and quality - it doesn't matter if twins and singles are mixed. But make sure ewes and lambs are matched exactly.
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    TexX ewes - which Tup to use?

    Why not top cross for (say) three generations with Cheviot. That's all it takes to go almost completely Cheviot. You can then decide to continue with them purebred, but initially it's vital to choose the right type of Cheviot. The North Country Cheviot (NCC) will give a bigger stretchier ewe...
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    How many trees have you planted this winter?

    500 paddocks??? That's lots of posts and wire!! Both for the paddocks and to form guards round the trees.
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    When to apply fertiliser to grassland

    As a very rough guide: March 1st at sea level. Delay for two days for every 100 ft increase in altitude. So at 1000 ft ASL, March 20th, but not if you have to plough through snow drifts. Trials by SAC at Edinburgh in the 70s showed a significant response from N applications in...
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    Pasture-For-Life beef

    In the UK, it would be a disaster for Arable farmers if their poorer quality grain wasn't in demand by livestock farmers and compounders. And the productive capacity of thousands of acres of hill vegetation is enhanced by being able to offer concentrates to both hill sheep and hill cattle or...
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    Pasture-For-Life beef

    Apart from any welfare issues, together with its inflexibility, PFL beef must have a significantly higher ''carbon footprint'' that beef produced mainly from forage, but where concentrate supplements are used tactically to eke out or enhance forage supplies, or if necessary to accelerate the...
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    Pasture-For-Life beef

    It's only in the last 30 years that traditional beef and sheep farmers have had the ability to reduce reliance on concentrates by making high quality conserved grass in a flexible, opportunist and predictable way - round-bale haylage made from leafy first or second cut grass/clover. Even so...
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    Cabin/Shepperd's Hut

    ''We would expect the cabin to rent for, at least, 300 days a year rented at £130 a night. You should expect a 20% profit share of at least £7,800 per annum.'' Even if a cabin on a small plot of ground, with neighbours in shouting distance, could be let for 300 days at £130, who's going to do a...
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    Nose Ring

    Why do you need to replace his ring? If need be, you can use a humbug to lead him. We would never dream of ringing a homebred bull, and always cut the ring out of any bought at pedigree sales. I am talking about Limousin bulls, but it might be necessary to ring other more aggressive breeds.
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    Grazing income

    It would be sensible to decide how many fields you have. And the best way would be to let any grazing you have through your local Auction Mart. A local paper or the Farmers' Guardian will include their adverts.
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    Had the jab yet?

    Every time the TV news discusses vaccinations, they show folk being injected with very long needles into their upper arms. And my reaction is: that's another few thousand who will be put-off getting the jab. There are 3 main phobias: public speaking, spiders, and syringes with long needles. So...
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    Euro conversion rate

    Yes. My mistake: I was looking at the forecast of 85p for the end of the month. But the very significant drop in the value of the Euro wasn't supposed to happen. We were warned that Brexit would result in a massive drop in the value of the £.
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    Keeping tup lambs

    Novices and deluded shepherds have a tendency to record. Experienced and able shepherds simply observe.
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    Keeping tup lambs

    Surely the only test for a tup is a progeny test. In other words, you can't predict anything about a tup until you see his offspring. Proper shepherds have been using the progeny test since shepherding was invented.
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    HRP Survey on Livestock Markets

    Done. But you seem to think the choice is between Auction Marts and Selling/Buying on-line. The third choice would be Auction Marts (as in 2001) acting as Agents, which even in normal times, is a significant part of their operations.
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    Euro conversion rate

    Why has the Euro weakened so much against the £? A few weeks ago, the Euro was about 93p. Now it's less than 85p. All the naysayers said that Brexit would mean a weaker £. So why has the opposite happened?
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    Keeping tup lambs

    Keep tup lambs out of your best tightest-skinned ''Texely'' ewes. Try to mark the ewes they cover, and either keep or cull them as shearlings. Unless they've died first, in which case it's not as bad as losing an £800 bought-in shearling.