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    Its a horse, its dead, is he buggering it or just sitting on it? What a lot of hype over nothing just so some media outlets can get some attention.
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    Best way to deal with a non paying tenant in rented farmhouse

    Yeah... dont fall for that one, the debt on it will be twice its value, never mind all the repairs it will need, it is a Range Rover after all.
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    How many trees have you planted this winter?

    got accepted for some free hedge plants though a council scheme... finally I hear we can pick them up in the last week of March, right about the point when I have a 1000 other jobs to be doing other than hedge planting! :rolleyes:
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    Mid tier - have you been accepted?

    :oops: I got confirmation via email back in mid November which I had 4 weeks to sign and return.. Are you sure your spam filter has not eaten your acceptance email.... or was I just lucky?
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    Best way to deal with a non paying tenant in rented farmhouse

    Can any tips be found in the how to remove a dead horse thread or is that a simpler problem?
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    Firearms Licensing

    I read you dont need to return your old ones as the "need to buy ammunition and to show lawful possession means that the expiring certificate is not available"... and they should send you a temporary permit in the event of a delayed certificate....
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    Firearms Licensing

    and how early is early is possible...? Do I pre-empt a renewal notification letter? I think mine is up in August.
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    Best way to deal with a non paying tenant in rented farmhouse

    That sounds a lot like communism...
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    Firearms Licensing

    Given how things are.. how soon should one apply for a renewal, West Mids region?
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    Thick spring oat volunteers

    wholecrop oats....
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    ELM Scheme

    What are the biofuel plants policy on taking in farm assured grain? Presumably they don't care if it is RT assured, not assured or Ukrainian imports, just whatever is the cheapest they can get their hands on. All very well agriculture being more price sensitive... but we know those swings...
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    What’s this barn dried hay I keep seeing advertised

    Is usually possible either the week before or 3 weeks after it gets cut :facepalm:
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    What’s this barn dried hay I keep seeing advertised

    I settle for sun dried hay.
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    Tackling Crypto on Farm

    A thread about Crypto and not one mention about Bitcoin....
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    Tax relief on Red Diesel being scrapped in budget?

    from the mouths of those least able to afford it I suspect....
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    ELM Scheme

    I certainly wont be so high nobody produces food, the budget is finite and far smaller than the BPS budget in real terms
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    ELM Scheme

    What will they pay... a couple of quid per hour less than working in McDonnalds I expect...
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    The new Nissan Navarra for 2021

    You must have one of the few that hasn't snapped its chassis yet, my ranger chews up gearboxes instead
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    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    BPS was subsidy. ELMS will by and large not be a subsidy. ELMS will be payment for cost incurred and income foregone in supplying a "public good" The only farm subsidies we will see going forward will be in the form of capital grants.
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    ELM Scheme

    Still so many farmers who have yet to grasp this!